Friday, January 25, 2008

Welcome Baby Kiya!!

My friend Melissa had her second baby on Monday January 14th. Her name is Kiya Raven, she was 7lbs 3 ounces and oh so cute!!

It was a tough day for Melissa as she had to be induced (as a result of low fluids) which involved the administering of some drug the increases the intensity of contractions. She was very nervous because my wacky friend does all natural child birth, meaning NO pain medication. I don’t’ know how she does it but more power to her!!

I got to visit Melissa at the hospital on Monday (before Kiya arrived), Tuesday and Wednesday but I must admit I had to steal pictures of her for my blog because each time I visited I forgot to take pictures.

What is my role in Kiya’s life you ask? I will be the sole provider of PINK for her! Hehehe. You see, both of her parents don’t care for the color pink, and I firmly believe that no little girl should live a life with out lots of pink!!

My favorite picture of Kiya…notice the pink outfit!!

Welcome to the world Miss Kiya Raven Bonney!!

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Mel said...

So far you have delivered on your responsibilities as the pink provider! You even got me pink heart cakes, which I am SO addicted to. If I gain weight instead of lose weight it is ALL YOUR FAULT!! I hold you personally responsible...of course I can't be to blame...I can't help it if the cakes are calling my name...yumm...heart cakes. :P

Thank you SO much for coming down to the hospital. It meant a lot to me, especially when I found out I had to be induced. I was NOT a happy camper. :( You being there made if a bit easier.

And for the record! I am not wacky, I just believe in a life sans drugs! This means for my children too. You know the drugs that they would give you for childbirth actually go to the baby, so that means had I taken them my baby would have been born into the world high :)

How do I compete with that :P