Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!! (My last good year...hehehehe)

Since I just started my blog I decided I would post a bunch of random things that have gone on lately…in no particular order.

My birthday was on December 29th and as my below entry states we decided to head to Disneyland for the annual birthday trip. We got there around 10:30am and decided to go to California Adventure first so that I could get my birthday button…after all that is pretty much the reason I like to go. Also I am a Disneyland fanatic and once when forced to go to Knott’s Berry Farm for a work event I wore a Mickey shirt in protest!!

We first headed over to Taste Pilots Grill, because Danny knows that is one of my favorite spots to eat, but they weren’t open till 11:00am. What does a girl have to do to get a hamburger for breakfast? To kill time we got a Fast Pass for Soarin Over California (a great ride even though it makes me nauseous) and then went to Hollywood Pictures Backlot. At his point is where the mini drama occurred….first as we headed into the Animation Building I scared the crap out of Danny because I started jumping up and down, squealing and clapping like a 2-year-old all because they made some changes in the Animation Building (they added this really cool section on Snow White…the film that started it all). Then Danny and I wanted to head over to the Animation Academy to try and draw the character of choice (it is this really cool, all to often missed, section where “Cast Members” teach you to try a Disney character). Bonnie insisted that she wasn’t going; she would just go to watch Turtle Talk with Crush alone because as she put it, “I don’t draw”. After a little bickering between her and Danny she finally relented (I think it was more so she wouldn’t have to listen to Danny) and went with us draw. It as perfect, we got to draw Mickey! After exiting the Animation Building through the gift shop we rescued a sad lost girl from Disney Cast Members (too long of a story but it really was sad how they handle the situation).

We decided to leave Hollywood Backlot and head back to Taste Pilots Grill where I had the yummiest birthday lunch ever…a hamburger, chili, cheese and sour cream fries!! YUMMY!!

After our nutritional lunch we went to use our Soarin Over California Fast Passes. While waiting in line we decided to snap a few shots. Danny took this picture of me and Bonnie:

And then he wanted Bonnie to take a picture of us so she took this picture:

Do you notice anything different about the two pictures? Well if you have ever taken a picture for Danny you know he demands that they be PERFECT. Take another look at the 2 pictures…see how the one with Bonnie and Me only has red wall and the one with Danny in it has multiple colors? That is the imperfection. I must admit the fact that Danny always strives for perfection, no matter how big or small the task, is one of the many reasons I love him!

After lunch and Soarin we decided to brave the crowds at Disneyland. WOW…not the brightest idea, it was PACKED. We took a quick visit to Santa’s Reindeer Round Up so that I could make my yummy birthday cookie:

Danny and Bonnie had a little fun too:

And OH YEAH, I almost forgot…we got to take our picture with Santa and Mrs. Claus!!

We couldn't handle the crowds so we decided to leave the park and go to Down Town Disney for an afternoon movie. Since it was my birthday I got to pick the movie…we saw Enchanted and it was a GREAT movie. After the movies we decided to ditch Disneyland and go to Red Robin for my birthday burger…food was yummy but the waitress wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed…she forgot my birthday sundae. Oh well, all in all it was a great birthday!!

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Mel said...

Wow! Burgers at 10:30am? That's actually making me kind of are also probably one of those people that can drink soda right when you wake up? Yuck!

Hey, that Knott's work trip...that was when you were on my team! I remember your protested Mickey t-shirt. You are such the rebel.

Perfectionism is one thing that you and Danny have in common...I sat for a while trying to figure out the differences in the two pictures. I thought maybe you had one braid back, or something. I figured it had to be something with you as the pictures had different people in them. Funny....

And then a burger for dinner too! I am so jealous you got to see enchanted. I really wanted to see that, but Dave said there is NO way he will step foot into that movie. I blame Josh for that! It's just easier that way :)

Red Robin...yummy....chicken teriyaki burger with French fries!!! :)