Thursday, January 10, 2008

Can you just take a normal picture?

Per the request of my friend I will add the picture that started it all. Don’t ask me how this started, it just did and apparently it has become a tradition (at least for Melissa).

Back in 2004 we went to Disneyland to celebrate my birthday… I am a HUGE Disney fan and always seem to end up there for my birthday. I am not sure if it is because my birthday falls right after Christmas and we are broke so heading to Disneyland with free entrance (season passes) fits in the budget or if it is because they give me a “birthday button” and everyone says “Happy Birthday” all day long. Ok it is because the button…we all know how much I love attention! Anyways for my 2004 birthday celebration we stopped by the Blue Ribbon Bakery, after all what is a trip to Disneyland with out an $8.00 Cinnamon Roll, large enough to feed a family of 4, with enough daily calories for a family of 4 and no I don't share.

Of course while I was in line for my Cinnamon Roll, because you have to wait in line for everything during the holidays at Disneyland, I spotted something else I wanted. A BIRTHDAY CUP!! I was so excited; it was pink with Disney Princesses and ribbons and inside there was a brush, a comb, a mirror, stickers and a birthday cake!! I immediately declared I was getting one. Of course Danny’s response was, “No way…those are for 5 year old”, always the practical one. But of course I had my secret weapon, Bonnie, who said, “It is her birthday and if you don’t let her have it, I will”. As you can guess the birthday cup was purchased.

I was so happy with my birthday cup. I carried it around all day, careful not to rattle it too much because it had my PERFECT little birthday cake inside. I was so excited for the cake I even took a picture of it:

I saved the cake all day…remember it was bought with breakfast, but I didn’t dig in till after dinner. Sadly enough I took one bite and realized that there was a fruit filling…tragedy. For those of you that don’t know I have an aversion to fruit being consumed in any other way than God intended…crisp and cold. In the end my birthday cake ended up in the trash.

Back to the picture that started my weird birthday pics. In line for the Haunted Mansion I wanted to show how excited I was about my birthday cup…so we took this picture:

I made the mistake of showing it to Melissa recently who thought it was the funniest picture ever, so when we were at Disneyland this year for my birthday I decided to take another one (the green cookie one) and send it to Melissa. She says it is now my birthday tradition and I have to take one every year. I guess we will have to wait and see how that works out.

All of us from my birthday celebration day at Disneyland (Bonnie, Aaron, Keri, Danny and Me).

On a side note I went to Melissa’s baby shower last week and took this picture:

I showed it to Danny and his response, “Can you ever just take a normal picture?”

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Mel said...

I Love it! You are like the endorsement queen :) First the birthday cake cup, which sadly ended up tragically discarded in the could have kept the cup you know, and fruit filling isn't ALL bad. Then the green cookie picture, which frankly the green tongue makes the picture, but then the Diet Dr. Pepper ad...I so think you should be an endorsement girl. This could be your trademark!!!

Hmm, and who'd have thunk that a nasty fruit filled birthday cake at Disneyland would lead to a blog!!!!

And as for Danny's comment, can you take a normal picture, I have two responses.
1. What fun is a normal picture?
2. If it were normal, it wouldn't be quirky you! Normal has NO personality. Heather has an abundance :)