Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mine and Jack's First Professional Football Game...Too Bad it Was a Chargers Game!!

I absolutely love that I have an AWESOME baby who we can take everywhere with us!! This weekend both Jack and I attended our very first professional football game!! Danny came along too, but I didn’t mention him because it wasn’t his first game.

We got up early; packed up Jack along with all his accessories and headed towards San Diego (did you know in German San Diego means whales vagina?). We were running a little behind schedule, which seems to happen a lot these days. In fact Danny even mentioned it on the way down there…that we need start getting earlier starts because now that Jack has arrived we usually run about 15-30 minutes behind everywhere we go!! I was happy to hear that he said it was because we need to divide the “Jack tasks”. Usually I get blamed for us running behind!!

It was a quick drive down there and we parked right in front of the stadium at a cost of $25 for parking!! This was the cheaper of the options…to park in the stadium was something like $45!! For a savings of $20, all we had to cost one street and pass a very strange man selling a Heineken keg he found in the bushes, a bargain to me!!

We tried to meet up with our neighbor, Kacie at her tailgate, but when I asked Kacie where they were located, she said, “In the parking lot.” What!?!? You mean you are tail gaiting in the parking lot!! Who does that? And I mean this football STADIUM parking lot is so small, I could probably totally find you in the like no time!! It is a good thing you are so nice Kacie, I'll let this one slide. Hehehehehehhe. By the time we figured out which section of the lot they were in, which was the complete opposite side of where we were; it was too late to meet up so into the game we went.

Thank goodness we had good seats that were in the shade, because it was hotter than hot outside!! As the guys sitting two rows in front of us put it, with out the cover of any shade, “even my ankles are sweating”!!

Since we were in the shade the heat wasn’t my main problem, my main problem was that the game was the San Diego Chargers vs. the Baltimore Ravens. Why is this a problem you ask? All right…I will tell you. I despise the Chargers and have no feelings what-so-ever for the Ravens, so this left me with no team to root for, just a team to root against. Oh well, what can you do, it was still my first professional football game and I had a great time. Although I don’t think Danny really wanted to go, I am pretty sure he just went because he knew I was excited to go.

Jack did AWESOME at the game. He really is amazing, he only cried once when he got hungry and he even took a few naps during the game. This kid really can sleep anywhere…people were screaming, music was blaring and fireworks were blasting…none of it bothered him!!

There was one song they kept playing that he did NOT like, but I can’t really blame him as it had this super strange sound. It was scary.

On the plus side, the Chargers lost!! Hehehehhehe. Hopefully the next game I will have a team to root for!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jack Is Already A Disneyland Pro!!

I may be thirty years old but I really do think Disneyland is the happiest place on earth!! EVRYTIME I go there I get giddy with excitement the moment we hit the road!! I hope that I never loose that excitement for it and I really hope that Jack will share my love of Disneyland!! He may only be four months old but he has been to the park at least four times, and that isn’t counting the times he went while he was in my belly!!

This is one of Jack’s first Disneyland trips!!

(my awesome

This weekend I was missing Disneyland so I sent Danny a calendar invite to take me and Jack on Saturday. Yes, people I really do send Danny calendar invites to do EVERYTHING!! It isn’t that we are super schedule oriented and never do spontaneous things, BUT the calendar invite is the only way I can guarantee that I can get him to do something. Jack and I felt extra special this weekend because Danny went along with us even though it was the first “real” week of college football. Of course this meant some scheduling of time at ESPN Sports Zone and Jack wearing one of his MANY USC outfits was a must.

Jack ready to go for his day at Disneyland!!

This weekend was one of those perfect days at Disneyland…I could feel fall in the air, just barely but it was there, and the park wasn’t too crowded, at least while we were there. Jack, being the Disney Pro that he is, added three rides to his Disney resume, bringing the total up to FOUR! He had already been on Small World, which we went on again, and he also went on Pirates, Buzz and Flick’s train. I know what you are thinking…we are getting crazy, I mean Pirates does have two HUGE drops but Jack is just a daredevil baby. I think the next ride will be Space Mountain; he should make the height requirement any day now.

Here is Jack in line for Buzz Lightyear, please disregard how ick my arm looks, but do notice his USC outfit!! He was ready to go for that afternoon’s game.

Jack beat his Mima(Grandma Bonnie) at Buzz…don’t be too impressed if you knew Bonnie’s skill level at Buzz this wouldn’t impress you. Hehehehehehhe.

Jack also rode on Flick’s Train, so did Mima, Mommy and Daddy. Danny refused to ride solo on the train, he didn’t want anyone thinking it was his idea to be on it, because of course if you saw a 30-year-old man on the ride you would think he was riding it for his own entertainment!! Hahahahhahaa!!

We didn’t get any pictures on Pirates because there is no flash photography allowed…which generally isn’t a rule I follow but I decided to be a good girl!! I know, I am not sure what got into me.

Jack was such an AWESOME little guy all day. I don’t think he even cried once…he did get a little tuckered out by the end of the day.

Now all I need is holiday time at Disneyland!! There is nothing better than bundling up, heading to Disneyland and enjoying the holiday atmosphere, all while drinking a hot chocolate. Oh my gosh!! I am getting excited just thinking about it.

Back in Business!!

So this time I have decided I really am back in business. I haven’t been sure about my blog, hence the lack of posts, but now I know I really miss it. Proof that I am back in business… I have packed my little camera in my purse so that I can document all my adventures with photographic evidence. If the little camera is in my purse or my diaper bag, trust that there are good times to come!! Plus now Jack will be added into the mix of my crazy adventures and let me tell you that Jack is one funny guy!!

Monday, August 31, 2009


I want a new blog template. This one makes me angry!! Somebody...anybody...please help me. I hear what you are saying, aren't flowers supposed to be happy and full of life? Not to me...they are just to fluffy for me right now. I need something cooler!!

What?!?! Nobody reads my blog anymore cause I never post. Crap, I am on my own!!

Big Boy

I can’t believe how fast time goes…Jack is going to be four months old in less than two days!! I know it’s totally cliché but I swear it seems like yesterday that he was warm and snug in my belly. I love having him here with me, in my arms, but I feel like I am going to blink and he will be graduating from college. I want to keep him little while I can.

Just in case you don’t believe me about how big he is getting, here he is taking his first cruise in his big boy car seat.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jack William Davis

When we last left off I was posting pictures of random plastic babies…well since then the real deal has arrived. On May 2, 2009 at 9:58pm Danny and I were so lucky to welcome our baby, Jack William Davis, into the world. As of that very moment I knew my life had changed forever!! Over the last six weeks I have seen just a few of the ways Jack has impacted our lives and can’t wait to see all that each new day holds. He truly is amazing!! I never thought that one person could make me feel so complete.

So much more to come on Baby Jack...he really is my world.

I Tell Lies

Yes, that is right…I tell lies. I said I was back to blogging but here we are and almost 4 months has gone by since my last post. What kind of blogger does that make me? One that lies apparently. So since I have a habit of lying…when it comes to my blog that is, I am just going to start using the blog to talk to myself. I don’t want to tell all my loyal readers once again that I am back to merely leave them disappointed when I lose focus…so I am just going to chat to myself with this blog and see where we go. It shouldn’t be hard to type to myself…because really I talk to myself all the time. I own my quirks.

Once I establish a pattern for either posting or not…I will either let everyone know to come back or I will say nothing in hopes that they will forget my failed attempt at blogging. There is so much that has gone on since I was last truly blogging…I have enough FUN to last me at least 100 blog posts…so if I lag on posting it really is just that I am being blog lazy and that me and this blog were just not meant to be.

So in closing, maybe I am back and maybe I am not. Either way life is proving to be very exciting.

Just in case you forgot what I look I am.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Boobs and Babes

I knew I would get you with that one!! You are all sickos!! This isn't that kinda of site. Hahahaha!!

Before I let you go too far into the wrong direction, where I was actually going is that Danny and I had our second “baby class” this week. And what was that class you ask…breastfeeding… “boobs and babes”. Get it? Hehehehe. Very clever I am!! I had to find some way to start sucking people back into my blog!!

So far Danny has been the one dragging his feet into the class, not that he doesn't want to learn but after a very busy day the last thing we want to do is sit in a class room for two and a half hours, but by 15 minutes in he is more excited than me about the class. What can I say...he loves to learn. This class he seemed even more hesitant that the last one to attend...I got it though, after all it was breastfeeding. When we got to class we were the first ones there, Danny looks around and let out a deep sigh...asking the instructor, "Am I supposed to be here?". She ensured him that he wouldn't be the only guy there and that yes coaches, as they like to call the one NOT squeezing the baby out, were supposed to be at all classes. Thank goodness he was there because all the dads were there, except for one, and to put it nicely...I quickly learned why he wasn't...I am sure he was already running for the hills!!

I am so thankful for all the classes that Hoag has to offer, so far they have been so helpful to us. Our instructor in this class, Chris, was so awesome and although I hope I don't need her help in the future I can tell she would be a great asset!! I think Danny put it best when he said, "why aren't these classes a requirement for all new parents?". It still baffles me that anyone can be a parent and that as long as you have a car seat you are free to leave the hospital with a brand new baby. AMAZING!!

This class was full of great tips on how to be successful at breastfeeding. Plus it was full of pictures/videos of boobs and babies!! Although maybe not as exciting as one would think...some of the breasts would have been better kept under wraps. Hehehhe.

Oh and let me introduce you to baby “not sure of the first name” William Davis. Ok…so it isn’t actually him, just his stand in for learning how to breastfeed, such a cush job he has!!

Stayed tuned...two more baby classes to go and then practice time is almost over!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Do You Still Love Me?

Holy cow…it has been a long time but NEVER FEAR…I am back!!!!!!!!!! I had a long couple of months where I just needed a break. Even though you all know why I have been gone, just to make extra sure, I will tell you again. It is because this little guy has been growing inside me!!

I know what you are going to say, so no need to say it. YES…he is super cute and takes after his mother. Hey...I NEVER was one who claimed to be modest!!

Sooooo the main reason that I took such a long break is that the first five months were a rough road for me. To be honest it was NO fun at all!! Now that I am heading into the home stretch I am feeling much better, tired, but not sick and I will take that ANY DAY!!

So many things have happened since I last blogged. I went back to Oregon (for the first time in 10 years) to visit family, I went to the New Kids on the Block concert, I graduated college, I turned 30, I got pregnant…and so much more. I am currently debating if I should start fresh with the blog or go back and give you recaps of all my events. What do you think?

And don’t worry I promise I am back for sure…so let your reading pleasure commence!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Blog Break

I promise I am still here. I haven't given up on the blog so please don't give up on me!! Hehehehe!! I am just taking a blog break.

I will be back soon to update you with EVERYTHING!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Mammoth Wrap Up

Ok, so I need to finish up this camping post really quick before I forget more about the trip than I already have. Here it goes, “we went camping and blah, blah, blah” and then “while we were camping blah, blah, blah” and you would never guess but out of nowhere while camping “blah, blah, blah”. Hehehehe just kidding; but I am going to try and keep this short and sweet. My goal is to get the pictures up there and the basic story, it has been over a month since we went so the details or fuzzy.

With it being Tom’s very first camping/fishing trip, since he was eight, I really wanted him to have a good time so I was so happy that he caught the first fish!!

Here he is holding the first catch!! Not to bad for the trips first fish and his first catch ever!!

And of course I am sure the little guy tasted delicious but I will take their word for it (me and seafood don’t mix).

While I give credit to Tom for his catch if I had to pick a theme for the trip it would have to do something with Tom loosing lewer’s or getting them caught in a tree. Poor Tom lost one in the water…even though he looked longer than one should look for a $3 lewer it was never to be seen again.

The boys decided to hike straight up the falls, Sheila and I wisely decided to stay behind. Well maybe it had something to do with Sheila being four months pregnant and me being lazy…hey someone had to keep the pregnant girl company!!

The dogs stayed behind with us girls so the boys could get a chance to fish with out the dogs chasing any chance of a catch away. Gracie really wanted to go with them but settled for swimming.

Aspen he was content doing what he does best, resting.

Once the guys got back, Aspen perked up enough to take a quick picture. He sure does love to give kisses, such a sweet boy!!

I debated putting this picture up because I think I look super fat (I promise it is just the way I am standing) but I wanted proof that I do fish!! Hehehehe!!

Aspen and Gracie really enjoyed their vacation, anywhere they can be in the water works for them.

So on Saturday we decided to take a hike up to a lake behind our campground. And let me tell you this was no simple hike, it was straight up (a couple thousand feet) and about 2 miles each way. Again keep in mind we had poor Sheila who was four months pregnant at the time with us and let me just say she did AWESOME!!!

Originally we were going to hike up to Minaret Lake (we were staying at Minaret Campgrounds) but after running into another group we realized that hike was a little too far for us, about 8 miles each way, so we opted to go to a much closer lake.

We took plenty of breaks on the way up which gave us lots of opportunity to snap some gorgeous shots. Here is me and Danny (yes, I am there, keep looking…ohhhh you just might not see me since I am wearing camouflage). Hehehehe

And our super fun camping friends, Tom and Sheila.

And of course who could forget Aspen and Gracie.

A few sports on the hike we had to cross over water on logs! For some reason Aspen was not having the logs and would ALWAYS opt to swim it.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, we reached the lake!! It was definitely worth the hike…it was beautiful and we were the only people there.

The poor dogs were dying of heat from the hike and the water was perfect for them to cool down. Gracie jumped right in but Aspen was a little unsure of how deep the water was as he likes to keep his feet on the ground. Hehehe.

Here is another shot of the lake and if you look way over on the other side, right under the tree in the middle, you can see Tom and Sheila.

After some swimming and snacks, her belly full Gracie decided to take a little rest in some flowers. My pretty little girl.

While Danny and Tom were off fishing I caught a fish! I didn’t even realize it at first; I thought I was caught on something, I was…A FISH!!

I was trying to keep him safe in the water so one of the guys could come back and release him (he wasn’t big enough to keep) but they were just taking so long.

Just as I was bending down to “attempt” to set him free Danny walked up…THANK GOODNESS!! I like fishing…I just don’t like doing the dirty work.

Danny tried his best to save my fish but sadly my fish ended up floating with the fishies.

After the death of my fish Danny and I headed off so he could show me the back of the lake, I got this great shot of him fishing.

We spent a couple of nice hours at the lake with just us but we were all getting a little tired so we called the lake trip a day and headed back. On the way down we snapped this group picture. Don’t judge our beauty…we were hiking and fishing all day!!

Poor Aspen was just beat after the hike; his hips just couldn’t take it. He was limping around pretty bad so we made him a nice comfy soft bed in the back of my truck, he loved it!!

Danny was a little beat after the hike too!! Hehehehe.

And Tom after the hike, well what does any good man do while camping?

He reads cosmo!! Of course. Hehehehe.

Here are a couple of random pictures from the night that I wanted to share.
This was my dishwashing station of the trip.

On Saturday night when we were sitting in our campground just relaxing after our hike this deer ran right through!! You have to look in the picture to find the deer...its like "Where in the World is Waldo" but with a deer!!

I tried really hard to find a mirror while we were camping so I could take my normal mirror shot but there wasn’t a mirror to be found so I took this self-portrait.

Looking at this picture I can see not being able to locate a mirror was probably a good thing.

And of course what would any camping trip be with out some yummy Smores!! (In fact I believe you don’t have to be camping to enjoy the deliciousness of Smores, I make them at home in the microwave)
Here is Danny enjoying his campfire cooked Smore.

And Tom enjoying his.

At night time the temperature dropped down pretty low, Tom and Danny bundled up to stay warm. Later when it got really cold they cuddled!! I kid, I kid!! Hehehehe!!

You may think that since they are dogs they don’t get cold but Aspen gets so cold while camping he shivers! We were prepared this time!!

With a couple great days behind us it was time to say good-bye to our camp on Sunday!! We cleaned everything up packed it away and headed out.

To close how we started, here are Tom and Sheila in the car heading out! Thanks again for going with us guys! We had an AWESOME time!! Can’t wait for the next trip!!