Thursday, February 26, 2009

Boobs and Babes

I knew I would get you with that one!! You are all sickos!! This isn't that kinda of site. Hahahaha!!

Before I let you go too far into the wrong direction, where I was actually going is that Danny and I had our second “baby class” this week. And what was that class you ask…breastfeeding… “boobs and babes”. Get it? Hehehehe. Very clever I am!! I had to find some way to start sucking people back into my blog!!

So far Danny has been the one dragging his feet into the class, not that he doesn't want to learn but after a very busy day the last thing we want to do is sit in a class room for two and a half hours, but by 15 minutes in he is more excited than me about the class. What can I say...he loves to learn. This class he seemed even more hesitant that the last one to attend...I got it though, after all it was breastfeeding. When we got to class we were the first ones there, Danny looks around and let out a deep sigh...asking the instructor, "Am I supposed to be here?". She ensured him that he wouldn't be the only guy there and that yes coaches, as they like to call the one NOT squeezing the baby out, were supposed to be at all classes. Thank goodness he was there because all the dads were there, except for one, and to put it nicely...I quickly learned why he wasn't...I am sure he was already running for the hills!!

I am so thankful for all the classes that Hoag has to offer, so far they have been so helpful to us. Our instructor in this class, Chris, was so awesome and although I hope I don't need her help in the future I can tell she would be a great asset!! I think Danny put it best when he said, "why aren't these classes a requirement for all new parents?". It still baffles me that anyone can be a parent and that as long as you have a car seat you are free to leave the hospital with a brand new baby. AMAZING!!

This class was full of great tips on how to be successful at breastfeeding. Plus it was full of pictures/videos of boobs and babies!! Although maybe not as exciting as one would think...some of the breasts would have been better kept under wraps. Hehehhe.

Oh and let me introduce you to baby “not sure of the first name” William Davis. Ok…so it isn’t actually him, just his stand in for learning how to breastfeed, such a cush job he has!!

Stayed tuned...two more baby classes to go and then practice time is almost over!!


Kacie said...

"I had to find some way to start sucking people back into my blog!!"

Breastfeeding = sucking us back into your blog...HAHAHAHAH You are one funny Mama-to-be!

barbatron said...

Oh the joys of you plan on keeping it up until he is 4?

Anonymous said...

The boob puppet creeped me out. That and the crazy ass crowd we were in. Just remember, you’re a horrible, evil, terrible mom if you don’t breastfeed. Thank you Hoag Hospital.


Mel said... guys are funny.

I want to know why that one dad was running for the hills and why he didn't show up?

Good luck with the boobs and baby :)