Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Tell Lies

Yes, that is right…I tell lies. I said I was back to blogging but here we are and almost 4 months has gone by since my last post. What kind of blogger does that make me? One that lies apparently. So since I have a habit of lying…when it comes to my blog that is, I am just going to start using the blog to talk to myself. I don’t want to tell all my loyal readers once again that I am back to merely leave them disappointed when I lose focus…so I am just going to chat to myself with this blog and see where we go. It shouldn’t be hard to type to myself…because really I talk to myself all the time. I own my quirks.

Once I establish a pattern for either posting or not…I will either let everyone know to come back or I will say nothing in hopes that they will forget my failed attempt at blogging. There is so much that has gone on since I was last truly blogging…I have enough FUN to last me at least 100 blog posts…so if I lag on posting it really is just that I am being blog lazy and that me and this blog were just not meant to be.

So in closing, maybe I am back and maybe I am not. Either way life is proving to be very exciting.

Just in case you forgot what I look I am.

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