Friday, July 25, 2008

I Finally Saw Batman AND I Have a New Boyfriend!!

I was starting to feel like I was the only person in American that had not seen the Dark Night!! Well that feeling is over because I went to see it on Thursday, so if you haven't seen it, YOU are the last person in American to have not seen it...sorry.

Originally we wanted to see it opening weekend but of course Danny would only see it on IMAX and the IMAX tickets were sold out days in advance. The first time we could get tickets for an IMAX showing was for yesterday evening. We all met at the theater (myself, Danny, Danny’s friend Tim and his son Matt) as everyone was coming from work. After parking in the parking garage I headed up and was greeted by this.

That is the line for our movie wrapped all the way around the back of the building. Crap…this movie came out 6 days ago and the lines were still insane!! The worst part of it all is that when I met up with the guys we were at the very back of the line. Crap again…who wants to watch an IMAX movie in the front row? Not me but apparently that is where we were going to be stuck!! BUT don’t worry…thanks to Danny’s ninja like skills (and paying an extra $9) we were able to get PRIME seats in the middle of the theater.

They really had the theater all done up with posters and decorations. I snapped a couple of lame pictures but something strange happened. For the first time in my life I was embarrassed to take pictures. There were all these people around and I thought they were looking at me taking pictures of the movie theater and thinking
“look at the crazy girl taking pictures of the theater! I feel so bad for her!” They don’t know about my blog which means that they wouldn’t understand. So this is all I could snag.

They had all these saying from the movie written on the mirrors in red paint…it was kinda freaky!!

Finally after what seems like months of waiting, yes I am truly one of those girls that actually gets excited to go see movies like this and Spiderman, Star Wars, etc., I was in my seat ready to go. Danny knows that if he were to go see a movie of this caliber with out me I would be devastated!! Honestly.

I must tell you, I won’t do a full movie review as my blog isn’t a movie review site and there are plenty of other more credible places to go for a review, I thought this movie was insanely good!!!! The best movie I have seen in a long time. Even if I did try and review it I wouldn’t be able to do it justice!! It wasn’t your typical cheesy comic book superhero movie. It was dark, but funny at the same time. It had a very intriguing plot and everyone in the movie was a great actor. I even thought Maggie Gyllenhaal, who Danny can’t stand, did a great job. I think I liked her because I loved the interaction between her character and Bruce Wayne. I thought she played the character much more real that Katie Holmes (by the way nice job on opting out of the second Batman Katie...I mean who wants to be in the highest opening movie ever when you could be in Mad Money).

I definitely recommend seeing the movie in IMAX, there was some just down right crazy shots in the IMAX version!! There is one scene where Batman is standing on top of a building over looking the city and it feels like you are literally standing on top of that building too!!

If you are looking for a happy movie, with a perfect little ending all wrapped up with a nice bow on top, then this isn’t the movie for you, which is a big part of the reason I like this movie even more, its Batman…it is supposed to be dark and sad.

We recently saw Iron Man when it was out, which I thought was good, but isn’t even in the same league as Dark Knight. If you asked me to go see Dark Night with you today I would say "heck yes" (sorry I wouldn’t go with you to see Iron Man)!! I don’t generally buy DVD’s, as I think it is a waste, but I will absolutely being purchasing this one (maybe I also have ulterior motives, keeping reading to find those out).

Now let’s get to the real hype of the movie…Heath Ledgers performance. I thought going into the movie that all the hype over Heath Ledger would be...well just that...hype. I figured that his performance would be good but not anything crazy special and totally not anything deserving of an Oscar like everyone has been saying.

Well color me wrong because his performance was AMAZING. I think that if he doesn't get an Oscar then that crap is rigged, I haven’t seen a performance this year that was even close to the level of his. I often found myself wanting to turn away but I was fixed to the screen. It was so totally creepy in the most perfect of ways.

Speaking of perfection...while Heath Ledgers performance was definitely a movie stealer...HOLY CRAP, Christian Bale was freaking HOT!! Where the heck did he come from?! Shoot I have watched him since Swing Kids, American Psycho (which I think Danny has made me watch 892 times… “I live in the American Gardens Building on W. 81st Street on the 11th floor. My name is Patrick Bateman. I'm 27 years old. I believe in taking care of myself and a balanced diet and rigorous exercise routine. In the morning if my face is a little puffy I'll put on an ice pack while doing stomach crunches. I can do 1000 now...”) and of course in Batman Begins. I even watched him in such blockbusters as Captain Corelli's Mandolin, The Prestige and The New World. The whole time I thought…sure he is a good looking guy but nothing special. As amazing as the movie was last night and as amazing as Ledgers performance was, all I could think to myself was HOLY CRAP…Christian Bale is HOT!! I mean he is so hot he might, no he is, giving my other boyfriend Patrick Dempsey a run for his money!! I mean look at this!!

I think he is so hot that I just can’t stop posting pictures of him. Totally no reason behind the pictures other than I want to look at him!! Hehehehehehe.

Oh…and just because it is Friday…here is another!!

Ok...last one...I promise!!

Have you seen the Dark Night yet? If so what did you think? If not get your butt out there and see it!!

Happy Friday Everyone!! Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jason and Cary…off to San Francisco!!

I call Jason and Cary our little nomad friends. They are constantly on the move and I am surprised they stayed in Orange County this long. Since I have known them they have lived in Laguna, then Arizona, back to Laguna, then off to Asia for a couple months, I think that was followed with a trip to Europe that lasted several months, then back to Orange County and now they are off to San Francisco! Jason said they are going to stay in San Fran for a year or so, and then they will either go to Asia or Australia before they come back to Orange County. Truly an on the go couple.

Of course what would a move be with out a send off party!? We went to Thai This in Dana Point last Saturday where the food was super yummy and the friends were even better (hahahaha totally cheesy but true)!!

Since Jason and Cary are new to the blog let me introduce you.

This is Jason, truly one of the funniest guys I know!!

And this is his wife Cary. Totally gorgeous (tall and thin), smart and a saint for putting up with Jason (hehehehe).

Of course Danny was there…and of course he was on the phone.

I, as usual, had to take a picture of myself in the bathroom at Thai This because for some reason I find that so fun!! Plus generally if I don’t take my own picture, I don’t get to be on my own blog. Who am I kidding; I really just like taking my own picture.

It was great having so many friends there because Danny and I never get pictures together. I really like this one.

I am not sure if you are aware of this but in our circle of friends we like to let the kids get in on the party action too!

Hehehehe. Just kidding, it was empty, I promise. This little one is Cole. He is so adorable…such a little surfer kid, so tan, wears flip flops and has natural highlights in his hair. I loved him. I kept trying to take his picture but every time I got close he would just run from me. BUT when I stopped trying he would come up to me and smile…I knew he really wanted me to take his picture.

I think this was my favorite picture of the night! We made Jason scrunch down because he is so freaking tall. I just like how all the guys are laughing and so casual.

We did let Jason stand up...eventually and see I told you he was tall!

Before saying goodbye to Thai This, there of course had to be a goodbye shot!! I opted out…I just wasn’t feeling it and I had a good excuse that I needed to be the official photographer. Hehehehe. I think I chose wisely because if I recall Danny said the shot tasted like gasoline!!

After hanging out of Thai This, having a few drinks, me eating about a 100 fried wontons and Danny eating 200 shrimp we headed over across the way to The Fish Bucket.

I really love Dana Point; it is such a cute town. Totally different from Newport or Huntington, but I think I like it better.

Here is the group at The Fish Bucket.

Since we moved locations it was time for another bathroom mirror shot…duh!!

Jason and Danny always have such a great time together, they have the funniest stories. They have known each other for years and Jason even set Danny up with his current job…which he loves. I am glad he gets to work with such an awesome friend, it makes work nice.

It must have been my lucky night because I got another picture of me and Danny!! Aren’t we cute?!?!

All in all it was a great night (I took a ton of pics so if you want to see the rest visit my picture page!! We always have such a great time when we hang out with this group!! My little nomad friends are so much fun and I will totally miss them, but good thing for us they always seem to end up back in good old Orange County!! Plus now I have an excuse to go up to San Francisco!!

Good luck Jason and Cary!! Oh and San Francisco get ready...Jason and Cary are on their way!!

Candy Logic According to Danny

There are many things that I love about Danny and one of them is his passion for candy!! If you know him, you know that when it comes to candy he is like a little kid. He can eat more candy, anything chewy and sour, than anyone I have ever met. Knowing this I should have known better than to trust candy logic coming from him!

The other night we stopped at the store because he wanted to pick up a “few” pieces of candy. Well Danny pretty much got the entire stores supply of candy; I just wanted a box of Good and Plenty’s and a small bag of Gummy Bears. I JOKINGLY show Danny this insanely large bag of gummy bears and what do you think his response was? “Oh you should get that one because the little one is $1.99 and that one is only $5.99. Plus I will help you eat it” (the dollar is so you can see how giant the bag is).

This is the bag I wanted, five ounces and the perfect snack size.

This is what I got, three pounds and not the perfect snack size!! Yes, I said three pounds of gummy bears. Is that even legal?!

Now as a result of listening to Danny I have been having gummy bears for breakfast, gummy bears for snack, gummy bears for dinner, gummy bears for dessert and I haven’t even made a dent in the bag!! Pretty soon I am going to be 200 pounds because of gummy bears!! Damn you gummy bears why are you so good!

Please if I ever listen to Danny again when it comes to the logic of candy…stop me!!

Five ounces vs. three pounds…what would you pick?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This is All Mine!!

I don’t really have anything clever to say about this post, I think that it speaks for itself. You may think to yourself, why would she post such a silly thing? I would just like to give you a glimpse into my everyday life, the things that go on at my house. You might also think to yourself as you read on that this was a brief moment of tired induced silliness but NO this type of stuff happens on a regular basis around our house!!

So on Sunday Danny and I were just hanging out after our trip to the fair. We were both pretty tired as we had a late night the night before (more to come on that in the next post), when Danny got this look in his eyes, which he often does, and ran over to the counter where a cereal box was sitting. I was a little confused at the excitement he was showing since the particular box he was after was empty. Cereal box in hand he grabbed a knife, which now my curiosity was really peaked and…well I know you can’t even begin to guess where this is going so I will just tell you. After a few moments of slicing away, “Mr. Reese’s Pieces Man” was born!! Yep!! Danny made a mask with a cereal box!! Oh and yes, he did name him because what is a cereal box mask with out a cool name!?

It’s a little hard to tell in these pictures, after all I was running around after Danny with my camera trying to snap shots, but “Mr. Reese’s Pieces Man” was complete with a mouth and eyes, very crafty!!

Oh, and don’t worry it gets better!! He proceeded to chase the dogs around for a good 10 minutes as “Mr. Reese’s Pieces Man!” For anyone one that knows my dogs, you know Gracie is scared of her own shadow, will refuse to go outside if the broom or vacuum are by the door, doesn’t like loud noises and the list goes on…so you can imagine the number Danny’s cereal box mask did on her!! Both dogs headed for the hills. I can’t say that I blame them…Danny is a little crazy!!

Between this scene and drunk doggie I really do need to remember that I have a video camera as well. I mean I am only being selfish by not sharing this on video with you!!

And on a side note…this is Danny checking his mask out in the bathroom mirror…of course; he needed to make sure it was just right after all!!

So yes ladies, this is all mine…don’t be jealous!! Hehehehehe. Seriously though, Danny makes me laugh everyday!! I really do have the greatest guy ever!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Are We Really Over?

Regular TV where are you? What did I do to deserve this treatment? I know I can be needy. Did I call too much? Was I too clingy? I swear it was a total accident that I ran into the girl you are dating. You know how clumsy I am, I tripped and that is how my drink ended up all over her. Was checking your email taking it one step to far? It’s not because I am crazy, it’s just because I love you so much. Please come back to me.

I know you already left me earlier this year…we came to an agreement and I thought we were able to work out our differences. Just as I was getting used to seeing you again on a regular basis you went and left me for the summer yet again.

Derek, you told me that you would be right back. I went and got all whole and healed then you just left me standing there.

And you Jim…you joked all season about how you were going to ask me to marry you…but nothing. I was left with a big (that’s what she said) fireworks show and nothing more.

Some of you have just left me all together, with out so much as even a goodbye. October Road now where I am supposed to go to longingly stare with jealously at the small east coast town that is permanently stuck in my favorite month, October? Does another Kinghtsridge even exist? Did Hannah and Nick end up together? Is Sam really Nick’s son? Can we meet just one last time? I promise I just want to say good-bye, you know…closure. I won’t beg you to stay…I promise. I mean if you wanted too…I wouldn’t object.

And where am I supposed to get my fictional tabloid gossip now that Dirt is gone? Ok…I admit that was a mistake. It only happened once and it will never happen again. Please don’t call. Hey don’t judge, we’ve all had those one night stands after a few too many drinks…right?

If you just give me another chance and come back I promise I can change. I won't cling to you. I can be a good girlfriend!! Until then I must admit I have been out on a date or two with So You Think You Can Dance, Big Brother and Swingtown. Don’t get upset, they could never replace you, but I was just so lonely.

Please don’t leave me here feeling like a lame ass loser! You said, “Stay here. Don’t move. Wait for me!” Well I have been waiting…when are you coming back?

For now I am stuck looking at our old pictures and videos. Maybe by fall you will change your mind. Please change you mind…

Oh and football please come back too!! Danny is lonely and misses you!! He didn't mean to yell at you, he just gets so passionate!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Skinny Doggie and Drunk Doggie

What is the last thing you want to do on a weekend? GET SICK!! Well that is totally what I did. On Friday when I went into work I had a really bad sore throat and it just got worse from there. No fun!! So on Saturday when I had to get up at 8:15am to take both dogs to the vet I wasn’t a happy camper! I made the appointment a week before and sent Danny a calendar invite to ensure that I had a helper…it is very difficult to handle two dogs over 80 pounds in an office full of other dogs!! I swear every time I go in the office is totally calm and peaceful, we enter and all hell breaks loose. My dogs just love to socialize!!

So back to the alarm clock going off at 8:15am and me being sick…the night before I really planned on letting Danny just stay home and braving the vet alone but I felt like crap and I just wasn’t up to it!! I promise I can be a really nice and thoughtful girlfriend, just not when I am sick!! Which meant even though Danny tried very hard to stay in bed, I was having none of it, I pushed his butt out from under the covers and made it clear he too was going to the vet!!

After one successful and one unsuccessful attempt at getting my doggies to give their “samples” the vet requested (I told Aspen if he didn’t care to leave it for me the vet would have no problem going and getting it…even that didn’t work), we were off.

It was actually a pretty calm Saturday for our vet’s office. I snapped a shot of Danny and Aspen waiting to be seen…hey I was grasping at straws for a blog posting, I have readers to satisfy (did I say readers…sorry I meant A reader, who am I kidding)!!!!

Aspen has been trying for four years to get at these fish, this was right before he made another failed attempt!! Maybe next time!!

Did you catch the Highlights magazine in the back?! Makes me feel like a kid again…hehehhehe!! Ohhhh the memories!! Where is Gracie you ask? Gracie darts around the vet’s office like a crazy dog and it is impossible to snap a shot of her. She gets so nervous!! Not to mention this was a big day for her!! Our vet has been telling us pretty much since we have had Gracie that she needs to lose weight. Every time we leave the office with promises of results but return with nothing! Actually worse than nothing, she always gains weight!! We had really put in a solid effort since we had been in five months ago; we changed her food to a low-cal version, lowered the portion size and ran her like crazy!! This was weigh-in day and the pressure was on!! I guess it sucks to be a girl no matter what species you are because Aspen never seems to be told he needs to lose weight!

It was into the exam room a few shots and pokes later it was off to get weighed!! Aspen came in at a solid 88 pounds, the perfect weight for him of course!! The life of a boy!! And Gracie…drum roll please…71 pounds!! Did you hear that!! I said 71 pounds!! Holy crap!! She lost 15 pounds in five months!! I knew she was looking skinny but wow…that is an impressive number!! The vet said she could stay where she is at or lose another 2-3 pounds…of course a girls work is never done. Like any girl she wanted to show off her new svelte figure!!

The one bad thing about bringing Danny along to the vet is that he always feels the need to toss in something extra. What kinds of “extra” things can you toss in at the vet you ask? Well every time we go to the vet Danny tries to convince them that Aspen needs a full hip replacement, he hasn’t been successful with that one yet. This time he decided to set his sights a little lower…a teeth cleaning. The vet did agree on this one, at least for Aspen, Gracie was spared. So we had to take Gracie home alone, kiss Aspen goodbye and leave him behind for a teeth cleaning. I was so sad, I hate leaving my dogs anywhere especially anywhere where they are going to be put under but I had to agree his teeth (and breath) needed a little work.

They told me I could come back between 2-3pm for Aspen but of course by 1:15pm I couldn’t wait any longer so I called to see if he was ready!! He was!! See good thing I called!!

I spared Danny the second trip to the vet and went to pick up Aspen by myself. He was so cute!! When they brought him up from the back he was so confused!! They said some dogs wake up from anesthesia slower than others and Aspen who was sleeping when I got there was non-to-happy to be woken up!! He just kinda walked around in circles while everyone in the waiting room giggled at him. We walked through the vet’s parking lot at a snail’s pace, a line of cars waiting for us to pass, because that was the only speed Aspen moved at. He tried to jump up into the back of the car but stumbled to the side so I lifted him up (remember…88 pounds…not easy) and he promptly fell right back to sleep.

When we got home I called Danny to come help us, 1. Because I couldn’t lift Aspen again and 2. I wanted him to see Aspen…it was funny.

After Danny lifted him out of the car, he looked around totally confused, tried stumbling towards his normal potty spot, made it halfway there, tripped over his own legs, looked around and figured that spot was as good as any to go pee.

Of course Danny’s first thought when he sees all this is, “I have to go get the neighbors so I can show them our drunk dog”!!

Poor little Aspen so tired, he could barely keep his eyes open!!

I bet you would think that it wasn’t possible for someone to turn a trip to the vet into such a long story but it isn’t everyday that your dog looses 15 pounds and your other dog gets drunk!! Oh and most people aren't as strange as me.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pizza e Vino Night in RSM!!

A couple weekends back Mike, Kacie, Danny and I made plans to visit the new pizza place in RSM, Pizza e Vino. Friday night came around and of course Danny forgot about it even after making fun of me for reminding him so many times about it. But don't worry we were still set to go!!

It was perfect because I, of course, love new restaurants in my city and this one was a five minute walk around the lake. We walked next door grabbed Mike and Kacie and hit the lake!!

First off let me introduce the cast of characters, and an interesting cast they are!

First up is Mike, he doesn't let me take his picture so I tell him whatever picture I can snap will end up on my blog!

Next is Miss Kacie!! When I asked Kacie for her thoughts on the night she said, "We drank and had pizza. 'Nuf said."

Of course, there is always Danny. The cutest boyfriend in the world, and no need to ask, I am not biased! Hehehehe.

And last, but not least, ME!! What fun would pizza e vino night be with out me? Not much I tell ya!

As I mentioned Pizza e Vino is a brand new addition to RSM and I was so excited to check it out. Its a little tiny restaurant just off the lake that used to be an Italian place. We thought it would be great to sit on the patio being the nice summer night it was. When we got there the rest waited outside while I went in to let them know we wanted to sit outside. And holy cow it was hot in there, it is a small restaurant with maybe 10 tables and a giant pizza oven, not a good combo. I asked about being served on the patio and they said totally possible except they can't serve alcohol out there, its more of a common patio area, not theirs so they aren't licensed for it. So of course we braved the heat of the was pizza e VINO night after all!!

We got ourselves a table and looked over the menu, which was full of all sorts of tasty looking pizzas. There were plenty of pizzas to choose from but I do wish they had a couple non-pizza options.

I have two big pet peeves at a restaurant, the first of course is not having my drink refilled (which I do admit its hard to keep up with my speed diet coke drinking) and the second is waiting for our server to greet us when we arrive. I didn't have a problem with the drink refills this night, as we were drinking wine, but we did have to wait a long time for our server to come over. So long that I was beginning to think they didn't see us and that would be hard since, as I mentioned, there are only about 10 total tables in the entire restaurant. I chalked this one up to new restaurant kinks, once our server arrived she was very sweet.

As a group we decided on three pizzas to share and a "couple" (or more glasses) of wine. Sorry I forgot to snap a picture of the pizzas when we first got them but I did think about it before we finished them!!

I must say that all three pizzas were excellent!! They were New York style pizzas, with thin crusts and interesting toppings. We could have even ordered a fourth we ate them so quickly. In fact Danny and I went back a couple nights later we thought the pizzas were so good. Danny got one of the same pizzas while I tried a new one. This time we got to eat on the patio since it was a diet coke kinda night. Plus Aspen and Gracie got to come with us, which I always prefer.

Pizza e Vino night complete we headed to the grocery store to get, what else? More to drink!!

Mike seemed so confused by all the choices!!

You will never guess who we ran into in the local RSM Ralph's!! Don't even bother trying, I will just tell you!! It was Barry Manilow. Yep THE Barry Manilow and he was so friendly!!

Ok so maybe it wasn't THE Barry Manilow but he was still fun!

We arrived back home and it was our turn to host the Friday night fun so we grabbed Kacie and Mikes dogs and headed to our house. This is why Kacie and Mike are the perfect neighbors for us, I don't think anyone else other than the four of us is ok with four large dogs running all over the house.

So I should just put it out there that at this point the night gets a little fuzzy; a direct result of the number of drinks consumed by me. At best it will be me posting pictures and telling you what I see!! Hehehe.

We invited Karen and Royal (more neighbors) over to join in the neighborhood fun.

Mike and I played Wii bowling and I kicked ASS!! I won three out of four games, if you want to see the scores head over to my picture site. Although I only got pictures of three of the four games because Mike began to get a little embarrassed at the ass kicking I was handing out and quickly bypassed the score screen on game three. A total accident I am sure!! Right Mike?

I think this was our final rating or something...but again MANY drinks consumed by this point.

Although I must hand it to him, after bowling Mike started tennis and I couldn't even hit the ball!! Literally I didn't connect one time. Danny had to step in and save me!

This is just a bonus picture because I have no idea what Kacie is doing. Her and Danny were working on some graphic design stuff and then this happened.

Two wild and crazy girls!!

At some point in the night Danny and I broke into our supply of confetti filled Easter eggs. What? You don't use confetti filled Easter eggs in June? Well you are missing out!!

One of the egg victims!

I am STILL finding confetti all over there house!! I wish I would have thought to take a picture of my kitchen when I woke up the next day!! You would have thought we had 100 people over and all 100 of us set off bombs!!

So as you can see it was a very busy night, I think. Hehehehe. But once I began taking pictures of the clock and noticed the time I realized it was time to call it a night!!

Aspen felt the same way!! Hanging off Gracie's bed isn't nearly as comfortable as the big king sized bed upstairs.

In the spirit of being honest on my blog I paid for my night of fun the next day. If I am totally honest I paid for it by not moving till 4:30pm!! Lets just say I have been on a drinking hiatus since that night!!