Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jason and Cary…off to San Francisco!!

I call Jason and Cary our little nomad friends. They are constantly on the move and I am surprised they stayed in Orange County this long. Since I have known them they have lived in Laguna, then Arizona, back to Laguna, then off to Asia for a couple months, I think that was followed with a trip to Europe that lasted several months, then back to Orange County and now they are off to San Francisco! Jason said they are going to stay in San Fran for a year or so, and then they will either go to Asia or Australia before they come back to Orange County. Truly an on the go couple.

Of course what would a move be with out a send off party!? We went to Thai This in Dana Point last Saturday where the food was super yummy and the friends were even better (hahahaha totally cheesy but true)!!

Since Jason and Cary are new to the blog let me introduce you.

This is Jason, truly one of the funniest guys I know!!

And this is his wife Cary. Totally gorgeous (tall and thin), smart and a saint for putting up with Jason (hehehehe).

Of course Danny was there…and of course he was on the phone.

I, as usual, had to take a picture of myself in the bathroom at Thai This because for some reason I find that so fun!! Plus generally if I don’t take my own picture, I don’t get to be on my own blog. Who am I kidding; I really just like taking my own picture.

It was great having so many friends there because Danny and I never get pictures together. I really like this one.

I am not sure if you are aware of this but in our circle of friends we like to let the kids get in on the party action too!

Hehehehe. Just kidding, it was empty, I promise. This little one is Cole. He is so adorable…such a little surfer kid, so tan, wears flip flops and has natural highlights in his hair. I loved him. I kept trying to take his picture but every time I got close he would just run from me. BUT when I stopped trying he would come up to me and smile…I knew he really wanted me to take his picture.

I think this was my favorite picture of the night! We made Jason scrunch down because he is so freaking tall. I just like how all the guys are laughing and so casual.

We did let Jason stand up...eventually and see I told you he was tall!

Before saying goodbye to Thai This, there of course had to be a goodbye shot!! I opted out…I just wasn’t feeling it and I had a good excuse that I needed to be the official photographer. Hehehehe. I think I chose wisely because if I recall Danny said the shot tasted like gasoline!!

After hanging out of Thai This, having a few drinks, me eating about a 100 fried wontons and Danny eating 200 shrimp we headed over across the way to The Fish Bucket.

I really love Dana Point; it is such a cute town. Totally different from Newport or Huntington, but I think I like it better.

Here is the group at The Fish Bucket.

Since we moved locations it was time for another bathroom mirror shot…duh!!

Jason and Danny always have such a great time together, they have the funniest stories. They have known each other for years and Jason even set Danny up with his current job…which he loves. I am glad he gets to work with such an awesome friend, it makes work nice.

It must have been my lucky night because I got another picture of me and Danny!! Aren’t we cute?!?!

All in all it was a great night (I took a ton of pics so if you want to see the rest visit my picture page!! We always have such a great time when we hang out with this group!! My little nomad friends are so much fun and I will totally miss them, but good thing for us they always seem to end up back in good old Orange County!! Plus now I have an excuse to go up to San Francisco!!

Good luck Jason and Cary!! Oh and San Francisco get ready...Jason and Cary are on their way!!


Brittany said...

HA! Don't you love that you are never in any pictures! Me too! We are stuck having to take pictures of fair!

Mel said...

it looks like you guys had a lot of fun. its hard to see good friends move away, but it doesn't seem like Jason and Cary will be gone for long. That's the good news :)

barbatron said...

Looks like a fun night...Your hair is SO long!!