Thursday, July 24, 2008

Candy Logic According to Danny

There are many things that I love about Danny and one of them is his passion for candy!! If you know him, you know that when it comes to candy he is like a little kid. He can eat more candy, anything chewy and sour, than anyone I have ever met. Knowing this I should have known better than to trust candy logic coming from him!

The other night we stopped at the store because he wanted to pick up a “few” pieces of candy. Well Danny pretty much got the entire stores supply of candy; I just wanted a box of Good and Plenty’s and a small bag of Gummy Bears. I JOKINGLY show Danny this insanely large bag of gummy bears and what do you think his response was? “Oh you should get that one because the little one is $1.99 and that one is only $5.99. Plus I will help you eat it” (the dollar is so you can see how giant the bag is).

This is the bag I wanted, five ounces and the perfect snack size.

This is what I got, three pounds and not the perfect snack size!! Yes, I said three pounds of gummy bears. Is that even legal?!

Now as a result of listening to Danny I have been having gummy bears for breakfast, gummy bears for snack, gummy bears for dinner, gummy bears for dessert and I haven’t even made a dent in the bag!! Pretty soon I am going to be 200 pounds because of gummy bears!! Damn you gummy bears why are you so good!

Please if I ever listen to Danny again when it comes to the logic of candy…stop me!!

Five ounces vs. three pounds…what would you pick?


Siara said...

I would pick 3 pounds. I LOVE candy!! ;0)

Mel said...

yeah i would pick the 3lbs too...that way you can pick out all the good ones.

barbatron said...

Maybe it is time to send him to the Betty Ford Clinic for Candy Lovers

Disney Dan said...

HARIBO is the BOMB!!!!!!!! We have many different types here I will bring you some... GO STARMIX!!!!!!