Friday, July 18, 2008

Are We Really Over?

Regular TV where are you? What did I do to deserve this treatment? I know I can be needy. Did I call too much? Was I too clingy? I swear it was a total accident that I ran into the girl you are dating. You know how clumsy I am, I tripped and that is how my drink ended up all over her. Was checking your email taking it one step to far? It’s not because I am crazy, it’s just because I love you so much. Please come back to me.

I know you already left me earlier this year…we came to an agreement and I thought we were able to work out our differences. Just as I was getting used to seeing you again on a regular basis you went and left me for the summer yet again.

Derek, you told me that you would be right back. I went and got all whole and healed then you just left me standing there.

And you Jim…you joked all season about how you were going to ask me to marry you…but nothing. I was left with a big (that’s what she said) fireworks show and nothing more.

Some of you have just left me all together, with out so much as even a goodbye. October Road now where I am supposed to go to longingly stare with jealously at the small east coast town that is permanently stuck in my favorite month, October? Does another Kinghtsridge even exist? Did Hannah and Nick end up together? Is Sam really Nick’s son? Can we meet just one last time? I promise I just want to say good-bye, you know…closure. I won’t beg you to stay…I promise. I mean if you wanted too…I wouldn’t object.

And where am I supposed to get my fictional tabloid gossip now that Dirt is gone? Ok…I admit that was a mistake. It only happened once and it will never happen again. Please don’t call. Hey don’t judge, we’ve all had those one night stands after a few too many drinks…right?

If you just give me another chance and come back I promise I can change. I won't cling to you. I can be a good girlfriend!! Until then I must admit I have been out on a date or two with So You Think You Can Dance, Big Brother and Swingtown. Don’t get upset, they could never replace you, but I was just so lonely.

Please don’t leave me here feeling like a lame ass loser! You said, “Stay here. Don’t move. Wait for me!” Well I have been waiting…when are you coming back?

For now I am stuck looking at our old pictures and videos. Maybe by fall you will change your mind. Please change you mind…

Oh and football please come back too!! Danny is lonely and misses you!! He didn't mean to yell at you, he just gets so passionate!!


barbatron said...

I know!!! I am in reality show jail....The baby borrowers, Legally Blonde search for Elle Woods, Tori & Dean.......

I need some LOST now!!!

btw I am so excited about the 90210 spin off./..are you going to watch???

Kacie said...

You are a riot. What about Heroes? You left them out. We miss you Heroes. Come back!

Brittany said...


I am PISSED about October Road. why can't they come back and tie everything up all nice before they disappear. I HATE YOU ABC!

I have been guilty of sneaking around as well, but SYTYCD and Gossip Girl are just cheap, easy versions of the lovers I really miss.

Stephen said...

OMG!!! You are weird. This cracked me up!!!

I have to say though I don't mind the shows not being on. It's summer here in NE and it's time to get outside.

Mel said... need help. I know a good therapist :)