Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Skinny Doggie and Drunk Doggie

What is the last thing you want to do on a weekend? GET SICK!! Well that is totally what I did. On Friday when I went into work I had a really bad sore throat and it just got worse from there. No fun!! So on Saturday when I had to get up at 8:15am to take both dogs to the vet I wasn’t a happy camper! I made the appointment a week before and sent Danny a calendar invite to ensure that I had a helper…it is very difficult to handle two dogs over 80 pounds in an office full of other dogs!! I swear every time I go in the office is totally calm and peaceful, we enter and all hell breaks loose. My dogs just love to socialize!!

So back to the alarm clock going off at 8:15am and me being sick…the night before I really planned on letting Danny just stay home and braving the vet alone but I felt like crap and I just wasn’t up to it!! I promise I can be a really nice and thoughtful girlfriend, just not when I am sick!! Which meant even though Danny tried very hard to stay in bed, I was having none of it, I pushed his butt out from under the covers and made it clear he too was going to the vet!!

After one successful and one unsuccessful attempt at getting my doggies to give their “samples” the vet requested (I told Aspen if he didn’t care to leave it for me the vet would have no problem going and getting it…even that didn’t work), we were off.

It was actually a pretty calm Saturday for our vet’s office. I snapped a shot of Danny and Aspen waiting to be seen…hey I was grasping at straws for a blog posting, I have readers to satisfy (did I say readers…sorry I meant A reader, who am I kidding)!!!!

Aspen has been trying for four years to get at these fish, this was right before he made another failed attempt!! Maybe next time!!

Did you catch the Highlights magazine in the back?! Makes me feel like a kid again…hehehhehe!! Ohhhh the memories!! Where is Gracie you ask? Gracie darts around the vet’s office like a crazy dog and it is impossible to snap a shot of her. She gets so nervous!! Not to mention this was a big day for her!! Our vet has been telling us pretty much since we have had Gracie that she needs to lose weight. Every time we leave the office with promises of results but return with nothing! Actually worse than nothing, she always gains weight!! We had really put in a solid effort since we had been in five months ago; we changed her food to a low-cal version, lowered the portion size and ran her like crazy!! This was weigh-in day and the pressure was on!! I guess it sucks to be a girl no matter what species you are because Aspen never seems to be told he needs to lose weight!

It was into the exam room a few shots and pokes later it was off to get weighed!! Aspen came in at a solid 88 pounds, the perfect weight for him of course!! The life of a boy!! And Gracie…drum roll please…71 pounds!! Did you hear that!! I said 71 pounds!! Holy crap!! She lost 15 pounds in five months!! I knew she was looking skinny but wow…that is an impressive number!! The vet said she could stay where she is at or lose another 2-3 pounds…of course a girls work is never done. Like any girl she wanted to show off her new svelte figure!!

The one bad thing about bringing Danny along to the vet is that he always feels the need to toss in something extra. What kinds of “extra” things can you toss in at the vet you ask? Well every time we go to the vet Danny tries to convince them that Aspen needs a full hip replacement, he hasn’t been successful with that one yet. This time he decided to set his sights a little lower…a teeth cleaning. The vet did agree on this one, at least for Aspen, Gracie was spared. So we had to take Gracie home alone, kiss Aspen goodbye and leave him behind for a teeth cleaning. I was so sad, I hate leaving my dogs anywhere especially anywhere where they are going to be put under but I had to agree his teeth (and breath) needed a little work.

They told me I could come back between 2-3pm for Aspen but of course by 1:15pm I couldn’t wait any longer so I called to see if he was ready!! He was!! See good thing I called!!

I spared Danny the second trip to the vet and went to pick up Aspen by myself. He was so cute!! When they brought him up from the back he was so confused!! They said some dogs wake up from anesthesia slower than others and Aspen who was sleeping when I got there was non-to-happy to be woken up!! He just kinda walked around in circles while everyone in the waiting room giggled at him. We walked through the vet’s parking lot at a snail’s pace, a line of cars waiting for us to pass, because that was the only speed Aspen moved at. He tried to jump up into the back of the car but stumbled to the side so I lifted him up (remember…88 pounds…not easy) and he promptly fell right back to sleep.

When we got home I called Danny to come help us, 1. Because I couldn’t lift Aspen again and 2. I wanted him to see Aspen…it was funny.

After Danny lifted him out of the car, he looked around totally confused, tried stumbling towards his normal potty spot, made it halfway there, tripped over his own legs, looked around and figured that spot was as good as any to go pee.

Of course Danny’s first thought when he sees all this is, “I have to go get the neighbors so I can show them our drunk dog”!!

Poor little Aspen so tired, he could barely keep his eyes open!!

I bet you would think that it wasn’t possible for someone to turn a trip to the vet into such a long story but it isn’t everyday that your dog looses 15 pounds and your other dog gets drunk!! Oh and most people aren't as strange as me.


Brittany said...

OMG I LOVE highlights magazine!

Mel said...

Don't you know better than to let your kids run wild in an office :P She must be trying to work off that last 2-3 lbs. Looking good Gracie :)

The picture of Aspen trying to get the fish is funny. I mean, I know you explained it to me, but a picture is worth a thousand words.

Now my little blogger friend. Have you learned NOTHING! Where is our video of the drunk doggie? This is a must see moment of course.

barbatron said...

I am sad for Gracie that she has been having to watch her weight so much....what if she devolps anorexia??

You should hide hidden things in you pictures then us readers can look for them just like highlights!

Kacie said...

I am sorry I missed drunk Aspen. Sasha would have been more than happy to give him kisses to help him along- she had, after all, just experienced a similar surgery. Our pups are there for each other. I think I'll get Sasha a phone so she can text Aspen throughout the day....