Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Mammoth Wrap Up

Ok, so I need to finish up this camping post really quick before I forget more about the trip than I already have. Here it goes, “we went camping and blah, blah, blah” and then “while we were camping blah, blah, blah” and you would never guess but out of nowhere while camping “blah, blah, blah”. Hehehehe just kidding; but I am going to try and keep this short and sweet. My goal is to get the pictures up there and the basic story, it has been over a month since we went so the details or fuzzy.

With it being Tom’s very first camping/fishing trip, since he was eight, I really wanted him to have a good time so I was so happy that he caught the first fish!!

Here he is holding the first catch!! Not to bad for the trips first fish and his first catch ever!!

And of course I am sure the little guy tasted delicious but I will take their word for it (me and seafood don’t mix).

While I give credit to Tom for his catch if I had to pick a theme for the trip it would have to do something with Tom loosing lewer’s or getting them caught in a tree. Poor Tom lost one in the water…even though he looked longer than one should look for a $3 lewer it was never to be seen again.

The boys decided to hike straight up the falls, Sheila and I wisely decided to stay behind. Well maybe it had something to do with Sheila being four months pregnant and me being lazy…hey someone had to keep the pregnant girl company!!

The dogs stayed behind with us girls so the boys could get a chance to fish with out the dogs chasing any chance of a catch away. Gracie really wanted to go with them but settled for swimming.

Aspen he was content doing what he does best, resting.

Once the guys got back, Aspen perked up enough to take a quick picture. He sure does love to give kisses, such a sweet boy!!

I debated putting this picture up because I think I look super fat (I promise it is just the way I am standing) but I wanted proof that I do fish!! Hehehehe!!

Aspen and Gracie really enjoyed their vacation, anywhere they can be in the water works for them.

So on Saturday we decided to take a hike up to a lake behind our campground. And let me tell you this was no simple hike, it was straight up (a couple thousand feet) and about 2 miles each way. Again keep in mind we had poor Sheila who was four months pregnant at the time with us and let me just say she did AWESOME!!!

Originally we were going to hike up to Minaret Lake (we were staying at Minaret Campgrounds) but after running into another group we realized that hike was a little too far for us, about 8 miles each way, so we opted to go to a much closer lake.

We took plenty of breaks on the way up which gave us lots of opportunity to snap some gorgeous shots. Here is me and Danny (yes, I am there, keep looking…ohhhh you just might not see me since I am wearing camouflage). Hehehehe

And our super fun camping friends, Tom and Sheila.

And of course who could forget Aspen and Gracie.

A few sports on the hike we had to cross over water on logs! For some reason Aspen was not having the logs and would ALWAYS opt to swim it.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, we reached the lake!! It was definitely worth the hike…it was beautiful and we were the only people there.

The poor dogs were dying of heat from the hike and the water was perfect for them to cool down. Gracie jumped right in but Aspen was a little unsure of how deep the water was as he likes to keep his feet on the ground. Hehehe.

Here is another shot of the lake and if you look way over on the other side, right under the tree in the middle, you can see Tom and Sheila.

After some swimming and snacks, her belly full Gracie decided to take a little rest in some flowers. My pretty little girl.

While Danny and Tom were off fishing I caught a fish! I didn’t even realize it at first; I thought I was caught on something, I was…A FISH!!

I was trying to keep him safe in the water so one of the guys could come back and release him (he wasn’t big enough to keep) but they were just taking so long.

Just as I was bending down to “attempt” to set him free Danny walked up…THANK GOODNESS!! I like fishing…I just don’t like doing the dirty work.

Danny tried his best to save my fish but sadly my fish ended up floating with the fishies.

After the death of my fish Danny and I headed off so he could show me the back of the lake, I got this great shot of him fishing.

We spent a couple of nice hours at the lake with just us but we were all getting a little tired so we called the lake trip a day and headed back. On the way down we snapped this group picture. Don’t judge our beauty…we were hiking and fishing all day!!

Poor Aspen was just beat after the hike; his hips just couldn’t take it. He was limping around pretty bad so we made him a nice comfy soft bed in the back of my truck, he loved it!!

Danny was a little beat after the hike too!! Hehehehe.

And Tom after the hike, well what does any good man do while camping?

He reads cosmo!! Of course. Hehehehe.

Here are a couple of random pictures from the night that I wanted to share.
This was my dishwashing station of the trip.

On Saturday night when we were sitting in our campground just relaxing after our hike this deer ran right through!! You have to look in the picture to find the deer...its like "Where in the World is Waldo" but with a deer!!

I tried really hard to find a mirror while we were camping so I could take my normal mirror shot but there wasn’t a mirror to be found so I took this self-portrait.

Looking at this picture I can see not being able to locate a mirror was probably a good thing.

And of course what would any camping trip be with out some yummy Smores!! (In fact I believe you don’t have to be camping to enjoy the deliciousness of Smores, I make them at home in the microwave)
Here is Danny enjoying his campfire cooked Smore.

And Tom enjoying his.

At night time the temperature dropped down pretty low, Tom and Danny bundled up to stay warm. Later when it got really cold they cuddled!! I kid, I kid!! Hehehehe!!

You may think that since they are dogs they don’t get cold but Aspen gets so cold while camping he shivers! We were prepared this time!!

With a couple great days behind us it was time to say good-bye to our camp on Sunday!! We cleaned everything up packed it away and headed out.

To close how we started, here are Tom and Sheila in the car heading out! Thanks again for going with us guys! We had an AWESOME time!! Can’t wait for the next trip!!


Bethany said...

Oh my goodness! And I thought I had a lot of pics!! Wow sister! You DO love to take pictures, don't you?!

So, I totally don't know you and I hope this does not sound weird in any way, but you and Danny are cute together! And it looks like you had a fun trip!! I am more of the camp in a hotel sort of girl, but your trip did look like a lot of wonderful memories!! is the scoop on my camera! I have the Canon Rebel XT but am lusting after the 5D. I want it so bad I can taste it!!

If you link to Sheye Rosemeyer on my sidebar you can find a link to the course I am in. It is currently closed...and I am not sure if she plans to do it again or not? Hope that helps!!

Thanks for popping in and leaving comments!! Oh...and I am totally leaning towards the shoes! She had a pair of pink ones last year that she wore ALL the time, but they weren't tennies. I am not so much a tennis shoe kinda girl, but they ARE cute!!

Kacie said...

(yes, I am there, keep looking…ohhhh you just might not see me since I am wearing camouflage). LMAO

I saw you. I am good like that. I can look right past camo. Nothing fools me.

Great pics. Looks like you guys had a great time. I love Aspen & Gracie's coats!

Mel said...

First off I LOVE the outfits. I mean, the waders for fishing, and the gear for the dogs...LOL!! I really like the dog's jackets. So cute and funny. I don't think Dave would let me put those on our dogs though. I think he draws the like at hiking boots for the dogs...yea...we have them. they help :)

The pictures are beautiful, and it sounds like a load of fun. Makes me want to go camping.

Hey on a sidenote, how do you make smores in the they taste good? I mean, I like my marshmallows black and crispy. Basically, catch it on fire until it is done burning then eat ASAP!

barbatron said...

I almost want to go camping now...almost. I love the picture of Aspen and Gracie wet on the rocks....I showed them to Jack and he asked if it was a picture from his favorite movie Homeward Bound. He cracks me up.

And yes... the Dog coats are terribly cute! you should have had matching ones made for you and Danny and got a family picture!

Looks like a great time

barbatron said...

oh and Jack really liked the Where's Waldo deer too!