Monday, September 14, 2009

Jack Is Already A Disneyland Pro!!

I may be thirty years old but I really do think Disneyland is the happiest place on earth!! EVRYTIME I go there I get giddy with excitement the moment we hit the road!! I hope that I never loose that excitement for it and I really hope that Jack will share my love of Disneyland!! He may only be four months old but he has been to the park at least four times, and that isn’t counting the times he went while he was in my belly!!

This is one of Jack’s first Disneyland trips!!

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This weekend I was missing Disneyland so I sent Danny a calendar invite to take me and Jack on Saturday. Yes, people I really do send Danny calendar invites to do EVERYTHING!! It isn’t that we are super schedule oriented and never do spontaneous things, BUT the calendar invite is the only way I can guarantee that I can get him to do something. Jack and I felt extra special this weekend because Danny went along with us even though it was the first “real” week of college football. Of course this meant some scheduling of time at ESPN Sports Zone and Jack wearing one of his MANY USC outfits was a must.

Jack ready to go for his day at Disneyland!!

This weekend was one of those perfect days at Disneyland…I could feel fall in the air, just barely but it was there, and the park wasn’t too crowded, at least while we were there. Jack, being the Disney Pro that he is, added three rides to his Disney resume, bringing the total up to FOUR! He had already been on Small World, which we went on again, and he also went on Pirates, Buzz and Flick’s train. I know what you are thinking…we are getting crazy, I mean Pirates does have two HUGE drops but Jack is just a daredevil baby. I think the next ride will be Space Mountain; he should make the height requirement any day now.

Here is Jack in line for Buzz Lightyear, please disregard how ick my arm looks, but do notice his USC outfit!! He was ready to go for that afternoon’s game.

Jack beat his Mima(Grandma Bonnie) at Buzz…don’t be too impressed if you knew Bonnie’s skill level at Buzz this wouldn’t impress you. Hehehehehehhe.

Jack also rode on Flick’s Train, so did Mima, Mommy and Daddy. Danny refused to ride solo on the train, he didn’t want anyone thinking it was his idea to be on it, because of course if you saw a 30-year-old man on the ride you would think he was riding it for his own entertainment!! Hahahahhahaa!!

We didn’t get any pictures on Pirates because there is no flash photography allowed…which generally isn’t a rule I follow but I decided to be a good girl!! I know, I am not sure what got into me.

Jack was such an AWESOME little guy all day. I don’t think he even cried once…he did get a little tuckered out by the end of the day.

Now all I need is holiday time at Disneyland!! There is nothing better than bundling up, heading to Disneyland and enjoying the holiday atmosphere, all while drinking a hot chocolate. Oh my gosh!! I am getting excited just thinking about it.


Mel said...

i love that pic of Jack with his disney hat. sooooo cute. I am sure you will make sure he will be a disney lover too :)

JennerRose Photography said...

Yay for Jack and Disneyland! you guys have so many greta years ahead of you there!