Friday, January 11, 2008

Good Bye 2007 and Hello 2008!!

Good Bye 2007 and Hello 2008!!

I can definitely say that 2007 as been a long hard year. So many things happened…I got laid off my job, I took a new job, lasted 3 days there and then I took another job. I was with that company for about 6 months and I was lucky enough to go back to my company of 5 years that had laid me off earlier in the year. This was also the first year that I took 3 classes at school instead of 2 and I can definitely say that was a challenge but well worth it as I am SO close to graduating. My Dad had surgery on his leg but he is healing nicely and hopefully he won’t have any pain soon!! And of course for those of you that know me (and I assume you do if you are reading this blog)…there is always the spa. I am so proud of everything that Danny has done with the spa and know that it will continue to become more successful with each day, but I would me leaving a huge part out if I didn’t say it was stressful. If you don’t believe me you try working with 20 or so “creative” females…hehehe.

If you don’t have the struggles in life you can’t appreciate the good things. So with this in mind I say good-bye to 2007 with fond memories and hello to 2008…I can’t wait to see what this year will bring.

We decided to make the move from 2007 to 2008 by hanging out with our crazy neighbors. If you have ever met them you know there is never a dull moment to be had. We are lucky to have such great neighbors, not only does Royal (that is our neighbor…Royal and his wife Karen) like to walk our dogs but they always can be counted on for entertainment.

We decided to just have a low key night and head to a local restaurant, Hanna’s, which is just down the street from our house. I know sounds like a CRAZY night…I guess Danny and I are just not huge New Year’s Eve people. It is always over crowded and over priced.

We met our neighbors at Hanna’s around 9:00pm…we were supposed to meet at their house but in true Royal fashion they left with out us to get there at 8:00pm. When we got there it was Royal, Karen, Terri Ann (a former neighbor), Suzie (Terri Ann’s sister) and Bill (her husband)…at the bar of course. Here is a picture of all of us at the bar, waiting for our table:

As you can imagine it was crowded being that is was New Years Eve and all so we had to wait a little while for our table, even though we had reservations. We entertained ourselves by taking pictures. Here is one of just the girls:

And one of me and Danny:

We finally got our table, ordered a couple appetizers and dinner. To be honest I thought the food was just ok. Here is a picture of me waiting to be fed:

Another picture of just the girls…you can see how excited Karen is to be wearing the hat:

The strangest part of the evening came at around 10:30pm when Karen leaned over and told me that Royal had too much to drink and that he wanted to go home…go home at 10:30pm on New Years Eve…is that even allowed? I guess I do have to give him credit because he was drinking enough to put me down (actually that isn’t saying much…sorry Royal)! He had at least 2 beers at the bar, 2 beers at the table, some other drink and 2 shots! The funny part is that Bill didn’t think he had drank that much…remember he had all those drinks I just listed AND he drank at Bill's house right before they came to Hanna’s. Bill said, “he only had 5 beers at my house”…isn’t 5 beers a lot? I guess I am just a wuss…hehehe. Anyways Danny had to drive Royal home really quick…he was literally back in under 10 minutes we live that close.

After that it was pretty uneventful, we had dessert, listened to a band and then rang in the New Year with pretty hats, silly noise makers and bad champagne (before tonight I never met a glass of champagne I didn’t get along with famously…at least till the next morning). Danny and I left shortly after midnight…the previously mentioned band was very loud (if you have ever been to Hanna’s you know it isn’t the largest of restaurants) and everyone had the added fun/annoyance of the noise makers…although it was pretty hard to leave my front row seat in watching the skilled dancers of the “Hanna’s dance floor)! All in all it was a good night…I am lucky to be celebrating another year with Danny.

One last thing…Happy New Year to everyone and I hope you have as GREAT a year as I am planning on having!!

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Mel said...

I agree. You had a lot of drama in 2007, but what would be YOUR life without the drama. Never a dull moment, and of course it makes for an entertaining time for me (to listen to all of the stories) and now for all of your budding Blog fans!

Hopefully, 2008 will slow down in the drama department, and increase in the fun department. On the bright side, your dad's doing well, the Spa is doing well (don't know how you do it with all of the creativity flowing up in the joint :P) and you now are back home at the job that you know and love! See, you never should have left!!! I KNEW you'd be back.

As for New Year's. I am not much of a fan either, but for other reasons. But what I can say is WOW!!! Royal did do quite a bit of drinking, and I am sure that his January 1st was filled with porcelain dreams. hehe Hopefully, yours weren't.

I can't wait to see what 2008 has in store! Keep me posted! :)