Friday, January 25, 2008

So Close!!

After a nice month long break I headed back to school this week. Last semester was a particularly hard semester for me so I am glad to be starting a fresh semester and I have promised myself that I will not procrastinate this time…hopefully I can stick to that.

Although I really do love school I always hate the first week. It is pretty much the same thing in every class…going over the syllabus with no actual learning involved, so I am happy to have this first week down and ready to move into the actual learning portion.

For those of you that don’t know I am a Communications, Public Relations major (CSUF)…and yes I know I should have gotten my bachelors degree along time ago but I guess life just happens. The thing that I am most excited about this semester is that THE END IS IN SIGHT. I was planning on being able to graduate this summer but with the course catalog that is going to be available that doesn’t look possible. However I will be done by the Fall 2008 semester at which time I will be a COLLEGE GRADUATE!! I can’t tell you how exciting that is for me. When I decided to go back to school, and actually take it seriously, I set myself the goal of graduating before I turned 30. If everything stays on track I will graduate 2 weeks before my 30th birthday!! Cutting it close, I know, but a major goal accomplished none the less.

This semester I am taking 3 random courses so it should be an interesting semester. As part of the Communications major you have to take 4 collateral courses and I have been putting them off till the very end. Since I don’t have many classes left the 3 collateral courses fit into my limited schedule of night classes at the Irvine Campus. So I am taking Social Interaction, Organizational Behavior and Principles of Marketing. So far I can’t tell if I will like these classes as we just barely completed week 1 and we have 15 weeks to go…but I will keep you updated. I am sure that the required group projects will provide much drama in my life as they always tend to do.

After this semester I will have 3 remaining classes and an internship. I really thought I would never graduate but I am getting so excited that in less than a year I will actually have a college degree!! What will I do with all my free time once I am done…?


Mel said...

Free time? What's that. I assume it will be filled with all of the other things you do in have so much on your plate I don't know how you do it all.

What kind of internship do you have to do? How are you going to manage that and work? I'm sure you will figure it out. :) I have faith.

Like you said, the end is in sight :)

Mel said...

hmm...and you said I lagged at posting blog entries :) tick tock. I'm waiting :)

Anonymous said...

Did you know that in other regions of the world, you are smarter than us all? Looking forward to you next post! Sheila