Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My attempt at blogging

Ok…so I swore that I would never do this, it is just not a strength of mine, but I have started a blog. Melissa, my friend from work, has been telling me since she started hers back in 2006 that I needed one too. Although I enjoy reading hers, often times she calls me a stalker, I am just not as creative as her when it comes to "blogging". None the less here is my attempt at starting a blog. However, as you can tell it is under duress so don’t expect to much from me and if you come back in a couple months and find this post as the lone post or the blog gone all together DON’T BE SURPRISED!!

And in a tribute to my creative friend Melissa, as my first picture posting, here is her favorite picture!


If you want to see lots of my pictures you can go to my SmugMug page:


Mel said...

I am SO happy that you started a blog. You lead an interesting life, and it should be shown! Also, you should put the other birthday picture in there from last year so you have a running birthday funny!

As for the stalker comment. You know it is a term of endearment :)

josh said...

Its all fun and games until someone gets a restraining order... More reading material, I can't complain!

Ian said...

Good grief! All your photos are so darn enthusiastic!