Friday, June 13, 2008

"Wine Tasting" and The Beach Club in RSM

Last weekend we went “wine tasting” with our new neighbors and a former neighbor!! We must be the best neighbors ever if all our neighbors…even former ones want to hang out with us. HEHEHEHE. JK!! Now you might be asking yourself why I put wine tasting in quotes. That would be because I really don’t consider it real wine tasting.

It was literally 5 minutes from our house down in Trabuco Canyon. We went down the windy tree covered roads that I just love, drove past the Rose Canyon Grill, past the Steak House and country store, and even past the campgrounds. Just past the horses we made a right and went into a residential area where we all began to suspect that this “winery” was at someone’s house…which it was.
We pulled in to the driveway, yep driveway and got out of our car. We of course beat our neighbor Terri-Ann, the organizer of the event there, she is one of those people that will be late for her own funeral but on the flip side she is super fun!! The property was beautiful but it was a little weird to be at a complete stranger’s house.

We went up this stairs and sat on the little upstairs patio that was all set-up for us. There were tables with umbrellas and a little appetizer station. The hostess of the winery was up there to welcome us. She said she would wait for Terri-Ann to get there before we got started. I said it was ok Terri-Ann wouldn’t mind if we had a glass of wine with out her…she thought I was joking…I wasn’t!!

So while we were waiting I took a picture of the vineyards, I am always thinking about my blog friends and what they will want to see. I just knew you guys would want to see a hill of grapes.

Here is a picture of Kacie taking a picture of the hill of grapes.

The boys just hanging out, being cool (Danny is of course on his phone, ALWAYS).

Finally only 15 minutes late Terri-Ann and crew arrived and the wine tasting began!! I must admit that it was pretty fun. The first wine we tasted was my favorite; it was Symphony or something of that sort. Everything after that was red wine, which I really don’t care for. There was one that I thought was pretty good and Danny really liked; it was the Syrah and the description said, “this syrah really jumps out at you”, I kept my eye on it…I didn’t want any wine jumping out at me!!

We met some interesting people at the winery, my favorite was the owner’s brother, I think that is who he was at least. He was a crackup and the best part of the day was when he told me that they have a Harvest party in October!! I am so in for that. First of all anything with the word harvest in it sounds like something I would love…after all October is my favorite month!! 2nd he said they have magicians, a band and all sorts of entertainment…plus wine of course. I know that this Harvest party is going to be a very worthy blog post. We had to be a member of their wine club to get an invite…so I signed up! I can’t wait for October!!

Here is me and Danny enjoying the wine tasting.

And here is Kacie and Mike…sorry it is so dark.

Our wine tasting event came to and end, they were sort of rushing us out for another party. It was good fun but I would have liked a tour of the vineyard or to see where they make the wine or something along that lines. BUT I will be back in October…Harvest party here I come!!

You might be thinking to yourself what does one do after a “wine tasting event”, go to get Margaritas of course!! Well at least that is what we did!!

Mike, Kacie, Danny and I all piled into the car. Rose Canyon here we come!! I would like to tell you how many margaritas we had while we were there but I lost track so I will just show you pictures and let them speak for me.

Get a room sickos!!

Aren’t we just the cutest?!

I was very thirsty!! I think it was from all the chips and salsa I had. Me and my drank!!

This was supposed to be a girls picture…boys!!

Kacie hanging out by the fountain.

So after our 4th, 5th or 6th margaritas we decided it was time for us to leave Rose Canyon behind and head home. One small problem…who could drive? Not any of the four of us that is for sure!! So what do you do when you can’t drive? Call your other neighbors to come pick you up!! Shout out to Royal and Karen for coming to pick us up and then letting but in on your family BBQ. We were like four little kids waiting for our parents to pick us up!! Like I said, I have awesome neighbors!!
When we got home we checked on the kids. They are all best buddies!!

After a quick change by the boys (and they say it’s us girls that are bad about clothes) it was off to the beach club!!

I think it is awesome that like 10 feet from our house we have the Beach Club, I really should use it more often.

Mike is so silly!

Just hanging out at the table, waiting for Royal to finish cooking our chicken!!

I must admit it was a pretty fun Saturday and we didn’t have to go more than five miles from our house. I love that we have such an awesome community!!

Oh and I almost forgot we went to Sushi on Friday night!

The boys at Sushi, notice the similar outfits…and they make fun of Kacie and I…

The girls at Sushi!!

And that was my jam packed weekend last weekend!! See you all next weekend!!


barbatron said...

looks like a fun time!! I am drinking my fancy wine as we speak....white ZIN!

I want to go to the Harvest Party!!!

Nicole said...

Wow, I cant even leave a blog without help! But I will try to leave some now!

mel said...

So. I see the blog posting about wine, but I see no wine. What is wrong with this picture? (or lack thereof). I DO however see a magarita...maybe this should be called Margarita tasting...hmmm..

Stephen said...

That sounds like a great weekend! Sushi, wine, and Magaritas. I love Syrah! You are very lucky to live in such a nice area and to have VERY VERY nice neighbors that will come pick up 4 drunk people and feed them. lol!!!