Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Hard Day at the Office!!

On Tuesday I was headed out of the office for the day when I got a call from one of my Sales Mangers, Anthony. Of course I was thinking...crap this means I am going to have to log on to my computer when I get home. sales people always need something. HEHEHE. BUT NO! Anthony was checking to see if I wanted to go to an Angel’s game the next day. Shoot I said thanks for the offer but I have school. Stupid, I know, who turns down and all expenses paid Angels game. BUT WAIT!! Anthony informed me it was a day game. I was in!! I always knew Anthony was my favorite manager. Hey when you invite me a long to a game you get points, JK…oh wait no I am not!!

So today I went into the office for a couple hours and then it was off to Angel stadium for me. I was a little behind the rest of my group as I had to get a couple things done before I left this office. This actually worked out for me because we were tailgating before the game (sweet…I know, you were just thinking to yourself how can this get any better; and then I said tailgate) and by the time I got there the grills were already fired up!

How many sales people does it take to determine the heat of a grill? Hehehehe.

One of our sales reps was so kind and cooked everyone burgers and they were AWESOME!! I felt bad for him standing of the grill in the heat, and it was hot today.

We weren’t the only ones in the parking lot tailgating and it seems as if all the guys felt the need to take off their shirts (not the ones in my group, thanks guys, I appreciate that) which just made me laugh but I guess I should have felt lucky they were young and in basically good shape.

I have been trying to eat healthy lately but you just can’t eat healthy at a ball game!! If you don’t have a hotdog you are just un-American. So being the patriotic person I am, once the food was ready, I dug right in!!

I think everyone enjoyed our pre-game festivities.

Once we were all stuffed it was into the game. The craziest thing happened while we were at the ticket gate, I ran into Danny’s sister!! I haven’t seen her in almost a year and there were thousands of people at the game and we just happened to be entering the same gate and the exact same time. WEIRD. It was good to see her!

Once we took our seats we all quickly realized how hot it was! While we had AWESOME seats we weren’t the fortunate fans in the shade. And remember how I said I should have felt lucky that the guys with their shirts off in the parking lot were young and in shape? Well apparently the older, heavier men were also totally cool with taking their shirts off too. All I will say is NOT PRETTY!! I just tried not to look.

Here is the view from where our seats were.

Great seats but we all had to keep taking “shade breaks” because it was so FREAKIN HOT!! I also used my shade breaks to eat some more food; I think I like to go to baseball games more for the food than the game. HEHEHE. In addition to my pre-game food I also had cotton candy, helmet fries and a large Diet-Pepsi!! YUM!!

Even with the heat I had a great time at the game. The Angels hit two homeruns so we got day fireworks which are pretty much like the sudden appearance of smoke and a really loud noise. Still fireworks are fireworks; and fireworks are cool!! The final score was Angels 4 and Rays 2 (when did the stop being the Devil Rays?)

Unfortunately after the game I had to leave for school. I wish I could have just gone home and slept off the sun.

If you don’t believe me how hot it was during the game, I took this picture of my shoulder while I was in the car to leave the stadium.

Apparently my body was not happy with the sun. I should visit with the sun more often so that this doesn’t happen. You wouldn't know it by looking at me right now but my skin really does like to be tan.

Here is the stadium while I was in the line of traffic to get out.

Here is me entertaining myself while in line to get out of the stadium…it doesn’t take much.

So can you see why I called this post “a hard day at the office”? I have it so rough!!


jenny said...

oh how sad...I miss those "hard days" at the office! if that was you with a sunburn I can only imagine what I would look like...probably would have needed tobeen taken to a burn unit!

Anthony as a how times have changed since I left...good for him!!

Tell him & julie I say Hi!!!

I wish I had some helmet fries...whatever they r they sound good.....

why have u not seen Danny's siter in a year? did you know she was local?? weird how that happens
it just happened to ALi & Erin at the Cure concert...they ran into my older sister going in the gate...and they don't speak ;0

ok I am rambiling

jenny said...

please exscuse my spelling..u know me

Mel said...

Drat! I lose again!!! Jenny beat me to the first post. I blame conspiracy!!!

So...let me just say BOO!!! I actually HAD a hard day at the office, and where's my angel hat...sadness...poor melissa...abandoned at work with NO ONE TO GO TO LUNCH WITH...and you know what that means right? That means I don't eat lunch. So...while you pigged out on hot dogs, cotton candy and helmet fries...I ate my lunch on my 2 hour drive home from work (at least part of it - the rest I at for dinner at home).

Where do I go to apply for YOUR job?

Anonymous said...

thanks for visiting my blog you crazy girl!!! ha jk:)

Disney Dan said...

Oh how I miss my company van. I spent many an hour in traffic in that bitch.

Stephen said...

I NEVER want to hear about me being a slacker at work. You have it WAAAAAY easier then I ever will. Oh poor Heather has to eat hotdogs and be out in the sun all day. lol!!!