Friday, June 27, 2008

An Oldie But a Goodie!!

The other night while I was sitting in class I wondered to myself, “I bet Nintendo has Dr. Mario for Wii” (maybe this is why I BOMBED my mid-term; I really should start paying more attention). So of course I googled it…gotta love Google, you can find everything on there. And of what do you know? They do have Dr. Mario for Wii, and even better you can’t buy it you just download it directly to your Wii for $10.00.

For those of you that don’t know what Dr. Mario is, the basics of it is that it is a puzzle game with all sorts of little pills that you drop down in the bottle and line of like colors of three to kill the viruses. I realize my explanation of Dr. Mario might be, ok is, a little confusing, so here is a picture of what the game looks like.

Old School Version

New school version (is there such a thing as new school version or would it just be new version?)

So moving along in this story last night when I got home from work I should have studied but I am feeling a little under the weather and didn’t think I could concentrate on the History and Philosophy of Mass Communications. I pulled Danny away from his court TV (people he has a SERIOUS obsession with court TV and I think it might be getting to the point where we should seek help but that is a whole different blog posting) and asked him to please download Dr. Mario for me. We got the Doctor all downloaded, Kacie brought over some batteries so we could turn down our TV (for some reason only the remote will turn it down and we were out of AAA batteries for the remote. I am not sure if Kacie brought over the batteries because she was nice or because as she said she could hear our game from inside her house, heehehhehehe) and we were all set.

While I was outside picking up Aspen’s business, Danny started the game with out me. I am not sure how that works, I should have gotten first game since I am the one that wanted the game in the first place!! Finally after asking Danny several times to start over in two player mode, all the while listening to him say how stupid this game is, he restarted the game. This is where the massacre began. Now keep in mind I have not played this game for at least 11 years and Danny said that he had never played (maybe that was just an excuse) but I murdered him!! I really just wanted to play for a little while but at the end of each game Danny just kept saying one more game and then before I knew it two hours went. I kept asking Danny to let me stop playing but he kept saying no. We calculated it out and I would say that in two hours we played 40 games of Dr. Mario. What was the score you ask? Well that is easy…Heather 40 and Danny 0. YES I won every single game. I kick ass at Dr. Mario!! For some reason I am oddly good at these types of puzzle games, my FAVORITE is Bust a Move. Poor innocent Danny just wanted to win one game and then end it but I won game after game. I thought about letting him win one so we could stop but I am still completive and there isn’t much I am better than Danny at so I had to hold on to this one!!

After the 40 something games I left him on his own to practice, maybe he will take one next time. Hehehe. So if you have skills at Dr. Mario I am looking for challengers!! The Doctor is in so please make your appointment and meet me on my couch. And one more thing, please be prepared to get crushed!! Hopefully it really is that I am good at the game and not that Danny is just really bad…I would hate to talk a big game and then have nothing to back it up with! HEHEHEHE!!



Mel said...

I have NEVER heard of this game, but I find it oddly interesting that you excel at a game about dropping pills into a bottle. Hmm...and WHO needs the intervention? Not Danny and his court tv I think. :P

I would gladly say that I would take you out, but I have never played this game and cannot stack things. It looks a little like tetris to me. Plus I was never really into video games so I am not the best.

The WII though was really fun. I may be joining you in Wii fun at Christmas time (my mom got it in her head to buy a Wii for my family...hey, who am I to stop her?)

Stephen said...

I have never heard of this game either. It looks fun though and I think I could win at least one game. Sorry Danny.

Stephen said...

I have never heard of this game either. It looks fun though and I think I could win at least one game. Sorry Danny.