Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Fell Out of the Wrong Side of the Bed Today!!

No I didn’t get up on the wrong side of bed today, that is something normal people do, and I well… You heard me right, I FELL out of the wrong side of the bed!! I should have known then that it just wasn’t going to be my day today.

Let me set the scene for you. Danny has been traveling all week and when Danny travels I DON’T sleep!! My neighbors tried keep me busy; they took me out for frozen yogurt (shout out to Gary!!!! Whoot, whoot!!) and invited me over for hotdogs. I had school every night so far this week. You would think all that, in addition to work, would be enough to make me tired and get some sleep, but no.

This little evil bastard right here:

Working with this evil, evil bastard:

Caused me great harm this morning, in fact I am plotting my revenge now and it involves both items in my garbage disposal. I am aware that most people don’t seek revenge on inanimate objects but this is my blog and I DO!!

So after a night of watching late night, late, late night and late, late, late night TV when the alarm clock blared this morning something bad was bound to happen and it did. I swung my hand over, not bothering to open my eyes and reached for the snooze button. Now you all know if I hit the snooze button I wouldn’t be blogging about this. I hit the cup of diet coke (oh diet coke why do I love you so much) and diet coke was going everywhere. Since I don’t normally start my day with diet coke flying everywhere this startled me. First I am not a morning person and second I am very clumsy so this was going to be bad. Please don’t ask me how this happened, this type of stuff just happens to me and please don’t judge. I landed with the top part of my back all the way across the frame of my bed. I must admit I did sit and cry for a moment… “HEY, I said don’t judge, it HURT”. After I got over the initial shock of the pain I got back in bed to catch another 20 minutes of sleep. When I woke back up my entire upper back was one big red welt. I tried taking a picture of it, but as I am home alone I couldn’t figure out a way to do this that wouldn’t turn my blog into a whole different type of blog. **wink, wink ;)

When a morning starts with you, a 29-year-old, falling out of your bed, you know it’s only going to get worse and it did. I put my big girl pants on and told myself my back, marks and all, was going to be ok, and that since I was going to the chiropractor today (because my back was ALREADY hurting) he could set me straight (hehehehe). Ohhhh boy about 10 minutes before I was to leave the house I got sick!! I tried to keep getting ready but my body was turning against me and nothing I did could convince it to do otherwise. I tried my hardest, I was all ready with make-up and work clothes on but I quickly realized it was just not going to happen. I gave in and called into work, took some medicine, turned the air way down (I like coldness when I sleep) and climbed back in bed with my doggies (they were great and didn’t want to leave my side. AWESOME DOGGIES!!).

I sent Melissa a text that I was SICK but we would still go to the chiropractor and to please send me a text at 10:15am to wake me up. I wasn’t up for another battle with my alarm clock.

Usually I text or give Danny a call to tell him good morning but today I only had energy for one text and that was my wakeup call. While I was sleeping Danny sent me a couple texts checking in to see where I was as he hadn’t heard from me. I finally got back to him to let him know I was at home sick. His first response, “did you go drinking last night”? I wish! A hangover would have seemed like heaven. When I finally told him all my drama of the morning he said, “WOW…you are a little crazy!! You shouldn’t blog about this because people might want to come and save me!” So what is the first thing I do? Blog about it. Yep, that is how I roll!! Hehehehe. If anyone out there wants to come save Danny he will be home and available for rescue tomorrow.

As I mentioned above I had a chiropractor appointment which I manned up and went to because I wanted to get my back stuff worked out. A couple funny things happened there, first of all on the paper work I put that my birth date was 12-29-08, yep that is right I am not even born yet!! I guess I am hanging on a little too tight to my youth!! HEHEHE. Then I had to tell Dr. Jim, coolest chiropractor ever, that I fell out of bed and he told his assistant and she said, “how old are you”? Yes I know, I am 29-years-old and fell out of bed, everyone get their laughs in now, but hey if you check my paperwork I am not even born yet!! HEHEHEHE.

Of course I couldn’t have normal x-ray results on a day like today, my spine is crazy curved at the base, I slouch and I lean all my weight to my left side. Of course. So if you see me and I am slouching or leaning to the left please tell me to stand up straight!!

Oh and to conclude my wrong side of the bed kind of day, I got my midterm back and I totally BOMBED it!!!! Summer school sucks!!

I think I should just go to bed and wait for tomorrow to come.


Danny please come home and save me!! XOXOXOXO!!


Mel said...

FIrst I have to say...YAY I win!!! I am first to comment. With your budding popularity it has been hard for me to be the first to comment. I remember the days of ol when I was the ONLY person to comment. hehe.

I have to admit. My first thought, of course after are you ok, was laughter. WHO falls out of their own bed? I thought you must have had a strange dream (maybe one of those falling ones) and down you went...but then when you told me you got startled by the alarm clock and knocked the coke over...hehehe LOL. Classic!

I was sad that you could not be at work today, but quite proud of myself that i remembered to send you a wake up text. Of course I cheated and set a meeting invite to remind me so I didn't get sidetracked at work. I was happy when we went to the chiropractor.

You left out the best parts of the chiropractors know like you cheating off my paper...what is your pain threshold Heather? Heather:um...what did SHE put? The bday thing was quite funny, but what about the I dream of Jeannie pose for the Xrays and the open mouth-full body Xray? Too funny.

About your midterm :( That sucks...I know you will study hard and make up the grade though. I know you will!! This is just ONE day.

HeatherW said...

I was just too tired to put it all was a loonngg day. Plus I knew what I didn't cover you would get in your blog. :)

jenny said...

you are pretty smooth!

Kacie said...

You poor thing. You are all out of whack. I wish I were there to keep you company. I have days like that for sure! I don't fall out of the bed but I wear different shoes and put my keys in the fridge. haha. My back is curvy too- just another thing we have in common.;)

Stephen said...

GRACE!!! HA! My first reaction was did Danny push you out of bed? jk lol!!

Seriouly that is a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!!! But wicked funny too. :)

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