Sunday, June 8, 2008

My New Neighbors Are AWESOME!!

Last you heard of the new neighbors was in my previous blog posting. The one where I made them cupcakes to welcome them to the nieghborhood but said I couldn’t snap a picture of them because I wanted to ease them into my craziness. UPDATE…they have been fully exposed to my craziness and what do you know, they still like me!! In fact, and this is a direct quote from Mike, “You are the coolest girl I have ever met!”…in the spirit of full disclosure he said this about two seconds after I CRUSHED a champagne glass with my bare hands!! Better just to ask me about this one in person.

So far since I have met them we have had two impromptu “street parties”, Sushi and Saki dinner, Kacie and I went to Taco Tuesday at Rose Canyon, pretend wine tasting (more on this to come), another trip with everyone to Rose Canyon and a beach club BBQ. All this and they just moved in one month ago!!

I really couldn’t ask for better neighbors. They are fun, young, have two dogs and Kacie loves to text!! How could I not like them?

I figured since we are like BFF’s now I should officially introduce them to my blog!
Sporting a stylish jacket made from bear fur, while hanging out at the beach, and yes I did say bear fur, Miss Kacie!

And trying to avoid my camera, thereby ending up with a close-up, Mr. Mike!!

Thanks for the good times Kacie and Mike. Welcome to the neighborhood and welcome to my blog!!


KLB said...

Grrrr! hahahahah! That coat was gnarly! Thanks for the welcome post. We are super happy to be here! Everything is awesome & you guys are the greatest neighbors!

Mel said...

Welcome to Heather's neighborhood and welcome to the blog!!! Bear Fur? Hmm...strange? I once had a bear a freezer...seriously. My dad was a hunter, and...nevermind...we had a full on BEAR in our freezer for at least 6 months...I am not saying bear meat. I am literally saying a full on bear!

Stephen said...

They have to be good people if they still like you crazy. jk jk lol!!!