Friday, April 25, 2008

Nothing New

I haven't been up to much lately which is why I have been blog absent. Last weekend my Saturday consisted of getting up at 6:45am TO GO TO SCHOOL!! Who does that!? Me apparently. I had to take my EWP (English Writing Proficiency) exam, which is basically me spending an hour and 30 minutes writing an essay.

I was apparently supposed to take it when I was a Junior but I didn't know and then once I did find out I kept putting off. I almost put it off again last Saturday because I was sleepy. Then I was almost late because I stopped off at Target because I don't own a dictionary (weird I know) and we were allowed to have one for the essay...which I didn't really need. I also got a Diet Dr. Pepper…yummy. Once I got to campus I was running behind and I really have NO idea how to navigate myself around main campus so I just parked in the first structure I could find, took my chances by parking with no parking permit because I couldn’t find the machine and took off running through campus (which was not a good idea because I have very sensitive feet and the flip-flops I was wearing gave me a blister). I was barely able to find the location my instruction sheet told me to go; when I got there I was directed to another room so I took off running again.

Once I got there it was just the stand-by people in line, man was I late, but at least I made it. My essay test was easy; the question basically asked if students short change their education by relying on the internet. A lot of the students seemed to bust out their essay in 20-minutes and rush right out. I was so nervous about not passing, after all I am only 2 classes away from graduation, that I took all but 5-minutes of the time they gave us. After the test I ended up walking around campus because I wasn't sure where my car was (remember I parked in a hurry). I saw some interesting things around campus; there was one group of students dressed up in super-hero outfits (like The Incredibles and Batman) perfoming in front of set that looked like a giant puppet show, there was another group of like 30 girls all dressed up in the same 50's style pageant girl outfits and then when I was really lost on campus I came across this:

Yep, a double scoop ice-cream cone tucked away in my campus. Strange...

I think the most exciting thing that has been going on this week is that TV is back...and more importantly GREY's is back!!!! How in the world did I go 4-months with out any Meredith and Derek!!?!? I really don't know. Danny try’s to remind me every week that Meredith and Derek are not real people but I just don't believe it. I really do love them together and get mad when they aren't.

This whole Rose thing is making me mad. She needs to go. I want MerDer back!! I hope that Shonda is telling the truth when she says that Meredith and Derek will be together this season. If she is lying I don't know how I will handle it.

I won’t spoil this weeks episode just in case you haven’t watched it but I will say there was NOT nearly enough Meredith and Derek. When I did get my brief moment of them together I seriously got GIDDY. I freakin love them!! Even though they were talking about neurosurgery I could feel the love…it was there. HEHEHEHHE.

So other than school and TV it appears that I have been up to NOTHING!! Oh and I just got word today that I passed my EWP, but I am pretty sure that as long as you speak English (or write it I guess) you pass. However all that really matters is that I am one step closer to graduation!! WOOO HOO!!


Jen @ The Cubicle's Backporch said...

I agree about Grey's Anatomy!! I was overly excited to watch the first episode after the four-month hiatus. Do you think George's character has changed since the whole gay-incident with the actor who plays Burke? Because he's seemed different to me since then... a lot less spunky and kinda "blah. My name is George." I could be just crazy though.

I came over from Amanda (Shamelessly Sassy)'s blog!

Mel said...

Really? Sensitive feet. sigh...and you think I am weird.

I mean I know we discussed your sense of direction and all, but are you SURE you were at your college? I mean superhero outfits? Huge Ice Cream statues? Sounds a little like...well...I am freakin tired so I can't think of anything clever to say, but it sounds a bit odd to me. What do they teach you at this "college"?

As for Grey's I am thrilled it is back too. I firmly believe that every TV show should have one happy couple on the show. I think it should be Meredith and Derek. This on-again-off-again thing is getting a bit old, especially since everyone broke up who was paired together last season.