Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Easter Eggs and Easter Wii

Happy Late Easter!! Yes I know I am a slacker, blah, blah, blah. I promise I am working on being more timely…it will happen…eventually.

For anyone who knows me I freaking love holidays and Easter is one of my favorites because I love hard boiled eggs (especially brightly colored ones) and Easter candy is the BEST candy of the year!!!! On a sad note, I have been so busy lately I didn’t get to put up my Easter decorations; this after I already missed my valentine’s decorations. AND, there is no need to ask, yes I do have Easter and Valentines decorations (and 4th of July, St. Patrick’s day, etc…). If you were to ask me my favorite holiday decorations I am not sure I could answer. Of course everyone tradionally loves Christmas, but I think Halloween is such much fun to decorate for and 4th of July could be my favorite, 1. Because I am super patriotic and 2. 4th of July always makes me think of home.

Easter morning started off as perfect as a day can…with me, Danny and the dogs all snuggled in bed. YAY!! I gave Danny his Easter basket…it was a mini one this year, and then I got to work. I had boiled 3 dozen eggs the night before, colored 1 dozen of them and baked 4 dozen cupcakes. The morning’s tasks included frosting and sprinkling the cupcakes (I didn’t take a picture of these cupcakes because they were just basic cupcakes, vanilla on vanilla with brightly colored frosting and spring sprinkles. I got Danny to deliver cupcakes with me to some of our neighbors as a “Happy Easter” treat…I am a Bree (Desperate Housewives) in the making…except I don’t clean. Hehehe. Then it was time to start the next task which Danny actually volunteered to help with…such a good boyfriend. We peeled the remaining 2 dozen eggs and Danny was so excited because by the end he developed a system where he could be the shell in one piece. If you try this it is actually a very difficult task, so he has something to be proud of, hehehe. This batch of eggs was for deviled eggs, as a result of the “Great Debate”…to relish or to not relish; we had two separate batches…one with and one with out. (I think most people at my Dad’s turned out to prefer the ones with relish but there were a few of us hold outs that did not like relish!! My Dad liked the ones without the relish but only because these were mine and I totally loaded the garlic salt in them!!) What do you prefer? Relish or no relish?

After all the Easter chores were done it was time to pack the dogs, food, Easter basket and Guitar Hero…yes I said Guitar Hero…all into the car. My neighbor Dave had the best line of the day, as we were leaving he saw all we were carrying and said, “Nothing Easter like Guitar Hero!”, so true, so true. Hehehehe.

Since my family lives out in the Inland Empire I don’t get to see them all that often so holidays are always great. I know the Inland Empire isn’t all that far but if you take into account traffic…it isn’t like I can just stop by for dinner after work. When we got to my Dad’s house everyone was there…my Dad, my sister, my brother, his wife, his mom and my nephew. Plus there were six dogs!! In my family we are all dog people and our dogs go where we go! Thank goodness my Dad has such a big back-yard!

I always think it is so much fun to spend holidays with kids, more than adults they really understand the holidays. My nephew Aiden is at that perfect age where he is finally starting to understand the idea behind everything but is young enough where everything surprises him!! It is so cute. At lunch I kept getting in trouble because I was teaching him how to open his mouth and show us his food…hehehehe. After lunch my sister-in-law brought a ton eggs so that we could have an Easter egg hunt for Aiden. And by ton I mean 65 eggs!! I asked her if she knew that we only had one kid in the family. At the beginning of the hunt everyone was out back watching Aiden, but as a result of the 65 eggs and Aiden’s desire to open each one to see what was inside, by the end of the hunt the crowd was down to just him and his mom. He really was a trooper.

Aiden checking out the Easter egg:

So excited over whatever he found inside:

Gracie checking out Aiden’s loot:

After the egg hunt it was time for some Easter Wii!! Everyone played bowling and then Danny, Johnny (my brother), Tracy (my sister-in-law) and Eric started a very serious tennis tournament. It was so funny because they all go so into it you would have thought they were playing at Wimbledon or something.

Check out the oh so serious expression on their faces (and of course Danny explaining what went wrong):

The boys really had to get into it:

To finish off the great day at my Dad’s house I thought I should give my nephew a cupcake (in addition to the candy and cookies I had already gave him) because it is so fun to feed peoples kids sugar and send them home!! You should try it some time!!

Aiden takes a bite:

I hope that everyone else had a great Easter too!! Holidays are such perfect days!!

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Mel said...

First I must say. What a good boyfriend Danny is...I don't think Dave would be caught dead shelling eggs with me unless I guilted him into...DEFINITELY not on his own accord.

Dave and I had the relish discussion. I was brought up with deviled eggs WITH relish and he hates relish, so now you know where we stand.

As for the kids: the sugar and the "see food"...let me tell you Heather, payback is a *itch. Just wait...your time will come, and I will be prepared with LOADS of sugar and bad manners :p