Wednesday, April 16, 2008

BBQ at Dan S.'s and Horse Balls

A couple of weekends ago (yes a couple of weekends...I am over making excuses for being behind and empty promises for catching up, hehehe) we headed out to the LBC for a BBQ at our friend Dan’s house, lets call him Dan S. so that you don’t get him confused with my Dan. Since it was so long ago I can’t remember all the details of the event so this blog will be more of a picture blog…a slide show of sorts of our BBQ at Dan S.’s with a few comments here and there.

I think the most important thing that came out of this BBQ is that I need to take notes of events so I can remember things to put in the blog (to which Danny said I am a nerd…coming from the guy that plays WOW), ESPECIALLY when our friend Demery is around, she says the most random and INSANELY funny things!! My favorite part of the event was that we got to see our friends Tom and Sheila; we haven’t got to spend much time with them lately because of the craziness of our lives. Not that it wasn’t nice to see everyone… but I just love me some Tom and Sheila!! Unfortunately Tommy had an upset stomach from some mad Sushi (meant to put bad but I am going to stick with mad…it is funnier) the night before and a wedding to go to that night, so they couldn’t stay too long.

Introducing to the blog Mr. Tom Bunten:

Also introducing to the blog Mrs. Sheila Bunten (and her guest super cute baby):

Another shot of super cute baby just because I think he looks like a little angel is this picture. Love him, but I don’t remember his name so I just call him super cute baby because it fits.

Here is the group getting something to eat. Dan S. made us such yummy things…he did an excellent job!! There were hamburgers, salad, pasta salad, corn, bread, chips and many other yummy items. The girl with the “winking” look on her face is the above mentioned insanely funny Demery.

I would have to say this shot is my favorite of the day; this is Dave, Demery’s husband. I snapped it just as he was biting into his hamburger.

Ok wait…I lied (I promise I don’t make a habit of that)!! This is my favorite, Danny getting ready to bite into one of my Oreo cupcakes, notice the cute Oreo baked into the bottom of the cupcake!! How great is that!! Plus I must admit that the holder of the cupcake is also pretty cute!!

A couple of weeks before the BBQ the group headed to Vegas for Dave’s 30th birthday party. Since we couldn’t make it I wasn’t able to get my souvenir from the event, BUT don’t worry, Demery was kind enough to bring it to the BBQ. You would never guess what that souvenir was so I thought it would be best to take a picture. Here you go:

Yep that is right; my BBQ souvenir (but really missed Vegas 30th birthday party souvenir) was a pair of underwear. HEHEHEHEHHEHHE. As I said Demery is insanely funny and also very clever; notice the XXX…one might think that has something to do with sex/nakedness BUT remember Dave turned 30 and what does XXX stand for in roman numerals? That is right, 30!! Such a clever girl.

After most left the BBQ Danny, Dan, Demery, Dave and ME (sad for me my name doesn’t start with a “D”) decided to play a game called horse balls. For those of you that are not familiar with it, which I was not, let me give you the quick rundown. There is a stand with 3 different colored (red, blue and yellow) bars going across horizontally, are you still with me? Ok, good, each player gets a set of balls which is a small rope with a ball attached at each end. The object is to toss the balls at the bars and make them land on one of the bars as opposed to landing on the ground, in the bushes or waayyyy up in a tree (Danny). Even though I came in last place it was actually a super fun lawn game, I recommend if you have a yard, going out and buying one.

Here is Dan S., our host, stretching; it is a very physically demanding lawn game, as he prepares to toss his balls:

Demery getting very excited over her horse ball toss:

Danny tossing his balls:

What kind of toss is that…it looks like a girl one to me! Hehehe.

Dave handing his balls over to Demery (hehehe poor guy):

And to close this posting I thought it fitting to end on insanely funny Demery.

She is in the hammock:

And, yep you guessed it…she is out of the hammock:

THANKS for having us Dan!!


Mel said...

Looks like you guys had fun. I still am not sure I understand what horse balls are, and why the game is called horse balls, but I am glad to see that Danny is out of his uniform - aka wearing a different shirt :p

Danny - branching out to different colors and patterns are we? Very nice/ :)

Anonymous said...

The day was fabulous and so much fun to see you and hang out! Your cupcakes were phenonmenal - when you making your next batch? We'll help you sample!! :) Can't wait to hang out again! S & T