Saturday, April 5, 2008

#2 On the List – Showdown at Saddleback Lanes

Danny and I have this list, which apparently everyone already knows about, and we are slowly working our way through it all the while adding things to it as we go. It isn’t any crazy life list or anything like that…it is simpler than that. It is just a list of things we haven’t had time to do over the last two years of our crazy life. It is just made up of fun things we like to do and in fact most of them we have already done before. It is all about bringing our life back to the simple things, the real things.

We already did one item on the list, the Nixon Library and a week ago we completed the 2nd item from our list…bowling. It wasn’t bowling in one of the newer fancier alleys like Lucky Strike; we opted for a simple old school lane complete with your traditional fried food, beer guzzling bar.

This outing was a part of the list not only because I think bowling is so fun but because Danny and I have only been bowling once in the 10 years we have been together and it was early on in our relationship. Let’s just say that on our first bowling outing Danny didn’t break any records with his score. Hehehehe. Ever since then I have been telling him that he sucks at bowling. This is so fun to me because Danny is pretty much good at everything!! AND I mean everything...watching Jeopardy with him I can’t even come close to competing.

Ever since that day he has sworn he was just messing with me and that he is really great at bowling…a bowling superstar!! I didn’t believe him and I waited years for my rematch!! I made sure to take pictures of our trip to the bowling alley so you can judge for yourself who the bowling super star is.

We arrive at the bowling alley and get our shoes from the bowling alley guy who takes his job way to seriously!! Danny of course sees the checking out of shoes as the perfect time to make fun of my large feet…I say let’s just take this to the lanes!!

This battle will be settled on Saddleback Lanes, lane #23. We put on our rental shoes and select our balls.

Which one do you think was mine?

You probably selected the pink one. This would make you right…kind of, because all three were mine. I like to vary it up, if one weight doesn’t work I just move on to the next…I am obviously a very skilled, very precision type bowler.

Time to hit the lanes. Danny of course had the form of a bowler, using all the right moves.

You can see he swings his leg back and releases the ball just right.

I on the other hand have NO form or method to my bowling, I would just let it go. Sadly I don’t have a picture of my “form” as I am usually the one taking the pictures. This is probably better though…I wouldn’t want to cause myself too much embarrassment. However we were able to figure out that the more thought I put into my game the worse my game got. So my basic strategy was to not have a strategy.

Which method worked better you ask? Well let’s take a look at some scores.

Game 1:

I was so excited to take the first game!! I was off to an awesome start and I didn’t win by a point or two, I took it by 11!! Yay!!

Game 2:

It was getting closer but I still won TWO in a ROW!!

Game 3:

I am not trying to make excuses for myself but at this point in the game my poor, little, weak arm started to get tired. I mean I am a girl, I don’t have the same muscles as Danny, it just isn't physically so.

Game 4:

The muscles are getting more tired with every frame.

Game 5:

Even though Danny won this one I was still impressed with my score of 97!! I was so close to 100 I could taste it!

Game 6:

Sorry this picture is a little blurry, we were literally being forced out of the alley at this point, but it does read 69 (Me) and 53 (Danny)! That is right, I was back. Before you ask, yes our scores were low this round. As I mentioned we were being basically kicked out at this point and we had to “speed bowl” just to finish the game. Plus after two hours of bowling both our arms were feeling a little weak.

For those of you who aren’t good at math that is three games Heather and three games Danny. It doesn’t sound like a bowling superstar to me, it sounds like another rematch it the making…after all a tie is like kissing your sister and who wants that.


Just for some fun here are some funny pictures of us.

Danny so confident in his skills he doesn’t even need to open his eyes.

And me…do I even need to say anything. I mean who bowls like that? Obviously I do…poor me. Hehehehe.


Mel said...

ohmigosh I was laughing so hard when I read this.
First...bowling? really? Weird list you got there. What else is on the list? You should take a picture and post it so we can check it off with you. :)

You have large feet? Who knew? :)

You describing Danny's form is really funny, especially when you scroll down to the last picture and see your limp arm as you presumably wait for a strike.

I have to say though, all in all I am impressed. I am not a good bowler, but I like to blame that on the carpal tunnel syndrome that I have in BOTH hands. That and I suck. :( But I do have a groovy's my grandma Mimi's and it's PURPLE!!!

Anonymous said...

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