Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cupcake Repertoire Expansion Attempt #2..Oreo Cupcakes

Along with everything else right now I am a little behind in expanding my cupcake repertoire and I know I say this all the time but I am overwhelmed with work, school and home stuff (but the end is insight).

With our friends barbeque coming up I thought this was the perfect opportunity to create "cupcake repertoire expansion attempt #2”. I searched the internet high and low for an idea...I finally settled on Oreo cupcakes!! I thought to myself...ohhh cupcakes and cookies… together!! PERFECT!!

After a quick trip to the store I had my supplies and was set!! Our party was Saturday afternoon around 1pm so I had time to make them in the morning before we left. The cupcakes themselves were very easy to make. Just your basic white cupcakes with crushed up Oreo's mixed into the batter.

The coolest part of the cupcakes (at least I think) is that once you put your liners in the cupcake pan, I choose purple polka dot and pink stripped liners, you split an Oreo cookie in half and drop it in the liner. A cupcake with an Oreo cookie baked right in!!

After you drop the cookies in you put the batter in and pop them in the oven. While they were baking I moved on to the frosting. Also very easy, just a basic butter cream frosting but again you add crushed Oreo's. I told Danny that if I continue on this baking trip I am going to need a counter top mixer because my poor little hand mixer is hanging on for dear life. It just can't handle making stuff from scratch...poor guy. (Of course I want a pink one, which is apparently up for debate because Danny just informed me that if it was pink then he wouldn’t want to use it. Hehehehe, it will be pink.)

After the cupcakes baked I let them cool off for an hour so they wouldn’t melt my pretty frosting. At this point I realized I wasn't going to have enough Oreo's to top all of my cupcakes, that is right, I had already gone through one package of Oreo's in making my cupcakes. Hey...I never said they were healthy.

I ran to the store really quick to get another package of cookies.Back at the house it was time to frost. I forgot to take a picture of the cupcakes pre-frost but just picture a white cupcake with little black bits in it. Hehehe. After you frost the cupcakes you take an Oreo, cut it in half and stick it on top of the cupcake. So for those of you keeping count that is a half Oreo in the bottom, crushed Oreo's in both the batter and frosting and another half Oreo on the top. So basically if you don't like Oreo's these aren't your cupcakes.

Here is a picture of all the cupcakes from above.

Here is one lone cupcake from above.

And finally my favorite picture, a little cupcake from the front.

In writing this blog I realized that I never tasted the cupcakes once I finished them, I have the bad habit of doing that. I just packed them up and took them to the barbeque. As far as I know though they turned out good. Danny said they were too rich but everyone else seemed to like them and even took some home. I hate to call him out but I think Dan S. had like 3 of them!! Hehehe.

I have already selected a couple of options for attempt #3 so stay tuned!! I am thinking something a little lighter this time.

"Oh,oh, oh, ice cold milk and an Oreo Cookie, they forever go together , what a classic combination. When a dark , delicious cookie meets an icy cold sensation, like the one and only creamy, crunchy, chocolate, O-R-E-O."


Mel said...

I was just about to ask how they tasted, but I guess you don't know. How can you stay so thin and bake all these tasty treats?

They sound good, but I have to agree they sound a little rich, but I am not a big chocolate fan (unless it is a Cadbury egg). :P

I am surprised you don't have a kitchen aid - I mean with all of the baking you do. I bought mine in Grad School in Oregon (no sales tax). I love it, but I have to say it doesn't get that much use.

Hart's Haven said...

What a great idea !!!! I will have to try those....

Mel said...

You HAVE to update your blog. Everytime I look at it to see if you updated it, I get hungry :(This doesn't help my "I want to loose weight cause".