Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I LOVE a Good Bargain!!

Even when I am not on a budget, which I am on a serious one right now, I love a good bargain!! Most people get excited to tell others how expensive something they bought is. NOT me!! I love to tell people when I got something for cheap!! I have this super cute pair of shoes and everyone always compliments me on them when I am out an about. My favorite thing to say is, “they were $7.00”!! I get very excited over this and nobody ever believes me.

My absolute favorite store is Target; I mean you can get EVERYTHING there from cleaning stuff, shoes, super cute clothes, milk, gifts all the way to dog vitamins and all at a reasonable price.

Well back to my bargain. The other day I was just cruising through Target, not looking to buy anything just there for the entertainment (yes I consider strolling down the isles of Target entertainment, remember I am on a budget) and I find this SUPER cute pink sweater!! Score #1, its pink and Score #2 it was $4.68!! It was originally $16.99!! I even saved the tag so I could tag a picture but I don’t remember where I put it. Hehehe.

I tried snapping a couple pictures of me sporting my new sweater with out a ton of success, but you get the idea!

Pretty cute, uh?

Like I said I am on a budget now so this was perfect for me!! I got a new shirt in my favorite color and barely spent anything! It must have been my lucky day because any time you can get a sweater for $4.68 you are having a great day!! So my advice to you, shop the clearance/sale sections at Target, I ALWAYS find good deals.

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Mel said...

I COMPLETELY agree with you. I am also a big fan of target - that is as long as you don't have to return anything.

When I was pregnant, I was looking for a dress that I could wear to a nice dinner on this cruise that we were going on. I got a cute black dress for $13 at the clearance rack!

I also go to Target for entertainment purposes, but I find that if I go I tend to buy something, which is not good for my budget, or my hips right now as it is Cadberry egg season. :)

I really do like the sweater. Very cute...even if it IS pink.