Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Flag Football and the Return of the Regulator

So this Sunday marked the start of Danny’s “Adult Flag Football League”. Well I guess I shouldn’t say the start since they did have their first game last weekend and I was just “unable” to make it (a whole different story that involves me being smarter than Danny in some regions of the world and my “good girl” headband…don’t ask). I guess I just think things don’t really start until I am there (hehehe).

Sunday morning we packed up the kids (and by kids I mean Aspen and Gracie…don’t get excited anyone thinking that all of the sudden we sprouted some babies) and headed to the field. The field is super nice!! It has fake turf and stands for all the “fans” to watch…the only thing that is missing is the snack bar! I freakin L-O-V-E snack bars!! I think they may be one of my favorite things on the planet…and if you know me you know I am not kidding!!

So back to the game. Danny’s team is pretty funny; their name is FOG which I THINK stands for Fat Old Guys or something close to that. They aren’t really old…they are all 30-40 years old but I guess some people think that is old. Come to think of it, they have been practicing for the last 2 months and it always seemed that at least half of them were at practice with injuries, so maybe they are old…hehe, sorry guys…but I can say for sure that you aren’t fat!!

Right before the game starts Danny comes to the stands to grab his water bottle and was all pumped up. He said, “Look at who that is! It is Warren G!! He is on my flag football team!”. So me with my super cool skills look at the big tall white guy and say, “who?” Danny who is totally used to me lack of cool music knowledge said, “Not him, you know Warren G, the rapper!” Hehehe. So anyways Warren G is on Danny’s flag football team!

With the game under way I am designated to take pictures. Aspen and Gracie are left to entertain themselves; mind you I have the best dogs in the world! I take them off their leashes and they just hang out greeting anyone new to the stands and in general just being cute!! Gracie was sporting her brand new collar and matching leash…pink polka dots of course!!

Here is a shot of Warren G (he is the one on the right,with the white thing on his head):

Danny said something about Warren leaving his assigned coverage and making them lose the whole game. That darn Warren G. always causing trouble.

I made friends with one of the players wives that was there, she was super nice but I forgot to get her name so I will call his Mrs. #14 (her husbands #). This was her first game also so it was fun for both of us to see the guys play. There was this one guy on the other team that CRACKED us up. Every time he did something good in the game he would say, “That is right, I am the play maker. Just call me the play maker!!”

This is the play maker and Danny trying to stop him from making a play…hehehe:

Here is a shot of the games MVP the one to the far left…but maybe I am partial:

They had some strange rules in the game that I didn’t understand…like you can’t jump. Your feet must remain on the ground at all times. I don’t understand that but ok…a rule is a rule.

The guys put in a great game but didn’t win this time around; the final score was 20-6. I hope it wasn’t me because last weekend they won 21-0. I guess we will have to see how this weekend turns out. Now if only their were a snack bar all would be right in the world…


Danny MaC said...

it ain't no fuuuun if the homies can't gettttt none...guess who's back in the m'fn house? a big fat #*(! for your m'n mouf. Hoes recognize and homies do too...

josh said...

When bitches get scandeless and pull a voodoo?

That is freaking hilarious... Warren G... not just on your team, the WEAK LINK on your team... awesome.

Mel said...

ok so it has been confirmed...you are a wierd girl. I mean if the Nixon library, snack bars and flag football get you going then you, my friend need help.

You know I never really understood flag football...it kind of takes the fun out of the game. It's what they made the girls play in my high school P.E. class. And what is with the anti-jumping rules...are they even PLAYING football. Is it a nerf ball so they don't get hurt if they get hit by the ball? Do they do "Do overs" :P