Friday, February 22, 2008

WOW!! The Land of Magical Things!!

The other night when we were out to dinner with friends it just happened to come up that I thought Danny’s World of Warcraft character looked a little gay…

Just in case you aren’t familiar with what World of Warcraft is I will give you a quick run down of the game how I understand it. For those of you that are all too painfully aware of what the game is, shout out to Melissa and Sheila; just skip down a paragraph. WOW is an online multiplayer, role-playing game. It is often referred to as World of Warcrack and the wives/girlfriends of the players are called WOW Widows. So an addictive game to say the least. I asked Danny for a brief description of the game but he gave me the technical run down and that isn’t what I wanted. So you get the game from Heather’s view (which is far better but maybe not as accurate)! It is a bunch of guys with a random girl tossed in here and there running around in a magic world, speaking magical talk, fighting in raids, building up different characters (all with magical names…dwarfs, elves, trolls, mages, warlocks and warriors) to a level 70 (the highest level you can be). They quest, go to the auction house to buy magical stuff (what else would they buy) and I think that about covers it! So you totally understand the game now, right? Hehehe.

Often times the group will get together and have LAN parties. What is a LAN party you ask? It is where they all bring their computers to one house, set them up and play in the very same room! As opposed to when they play at their own houses where they use super cool headsets to talk to each other, I mean warlocks and warriors need to stay in constant contact, right? (I do actually LOVE to host the LAN parties though…any excuse for having a party and being the hostess!!) In fact a couple of weekends ago we went to our friends Melissa and David’s house…Danny and Dave were playing in the same room but still the headsets were a MUST!!

I make fun of Danny for playing it but, seriously I know that if I were to give it a try I would be hooked. A couple years back I got SIMS Online and I was crazed about it!! I would run home from work, race past Danny (toss a quick kiss his way) and plop down at my computer and hang out with my SIMS till all hours of the night!! It was great!! Plus my SIM was HOT!! Hehehehe!!

So back to the point of Danny’s character looking a little gay…I mean do guys wear Capri pants? I am pretty sure they don’t but Danny’s WOW guy did!! But hey…I guess it does go well with his pony-tale (postioned DIRECTLY on top of his head)!! It was decided at that dinner (thanks for your support Tom and Sheila), that Danny's character needed an update.So here is the official debut of Danny’s new character (Stabjack)!! What do you think??


Mel said...

You neglected to mention the part where WOW becomes so much part of the player's life that they fail to talk about or notice anything that is non-WOW related. In fact, I have heard Dave refer to something in the game as the "real world". Seriously, WOW is not the real world. The real world Dave is where you have a wife and two kids, remember?

No, but I'm not bitter. I love to ride in the car with Dave on our way to a "date" meanwhile he is either on the phone talking to Josh about WOW, or he is talking to me about WOW.

Heather, I am disappointed in you. YOU a WOW player. I hope not! :( Then the whole world would have gone I the only SANE non-WOW playing person left? Oh, and let's not forget the people that get so obsessed that they forget to feed their own kids and they end up dying (search the news for the many stories of people neglecting their families because of the game).

As for the character, doesn't Danny get to make him look like whatever he wants to? I thought Dave told me they can create them. Maybe Danny is just branching out into the world of fashion. First WOW, next up...project runway.

josh said...

The first time I ever saw Danny's character I thought "wow, that is one gay elf".

Heather you should totally make a character, you can even choose tailoring and jewelcrafting, and make youself pink outfits and accessories :P

Anonymous said...

So much better! Although, what the hell is going on near his elbows? Is his jetpack warming up? I love the green flames, I can only imagine they are sequined. Let's hope Tom doesn't see this post and get all hot and bothered by Starjack enough to want to restart playing WOW - I am perfectly happy having him away from that crazed world. kisses, Sheila

Anonymous said...

Some interesting links highlighting Dannys need for new gear...

I have been clean of WOW for over 6 months (I just got my 6 month coin). I hear the calls of my Warlock summoning me back. Of course, my character looks 10 times better than Danny's (still). Plus she does not need a scrunchie.