Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Little Bites of Heaven...Otherwise Know as CUPCAKES!!

I have recently become obsessed with cupcakes!! Well I guess that I shouldn’t say recently. I have always loved them and baked them for family occasions, work and friends birthdays… I even have a pair of cupcakes PJ’s. BUT the obsession that has started recently isn’t necessarily about getting them to taste better (well somewhat it is…my cupcakes are pretty yummy already) it is about expanding my cupcake repertoire. Yes…I said it…my cupcake repertoire!!

One of my cupcake books!

My new apron!!

I want to be able to make prettier cupcakes, the kind that everyone looks at and says these are too pretty to eat!! What is my plan of attack on expanding the cupcake repertoire? To date…I have purchased a cupcake apron (I will need it for all the baking I plan on doing…practice makes perfect), two cupcake books (research is key), frosting supplies, fondant supplies and I am currently eyeing three other cupcakes books…yes I said THREE (remember research is key)!!

This is what my cupcakes of today look like:

This is what I want my cupcakes of tomorrow to look like:

So if you have a birthday coming up let me know and I will send some cool cupcakes your way (I love giving gifts custom made to people’s personality)!! But remember this is the beginning of my cupcake empire…don’t expect miracles!!


Josh said...

It has been a while since I've received any cupcake lovin... although I am trying to watch what I eat. Those pics are making me hungry. :(

Mel said...

You are too funny. I love the apron, but is it REALLY cupcakes. It looks like coffee cups to me. How disappointing. If you are going to be the cupcake queen you will have to have EVERYTHING cupcakes.

Hey, Caiden is having a birthday soon. Maybe I can enlist you to be the cupcake maker :P

HeatherW said...

Look at the apron again...yes it is REALLY cupcakes. The main part is cupcakes while the trim is coffee cups. :)