Sunday, March 9, 2008

Am I Really Lazy or Really Tired?

Ok so in my own defense I swear I was just really tired when I did this!! I am the first to admit that I can be on the lazy side, my idea of a good Sunday is spending the day snoozing in bed with my dogs…they love to nap just as much as I do. For me that is a hard quality to find in a friend.

However on Friday I was just plain tired. I must admit the last two semesters of school have kicked my butt!! Three classes and full time work is a lot to take on, I envy the “kids” in my classes that take four classes, live at home and have no financial worry other than paying for their night out. Plus we are going though some major changes at work, yet again, and everyone needs to take on extra work. I don’t mind, I really do like working and I am just thankful to have a job.

I probably shouldn’t be telling you this but on Friday, being as tired as I was, I found a way to drive home by just using my thumb!! That is right…JUST ONE THUMB! I think most people might be embarrassed by this but I think it is an accomplishment and shows that I am a very resourceful girl!! I think I am like the MacGyver of sleep deprived/lazy situations.

I found myself on the toll road driving comfortable speed thinking to myself, “man if I didn’t have to push my foot up and down this drive would be great!” As a little gleam of sunshine hit my cruise control the idea struck me!!

You might be thinking to yourself, “Duh, just turn on the cruise control…” but that wouldn’t be enough. While the toll roads flow pretty smoothly there is enough traffic (and IDIOT drivers) to where you speed needs to be adjusted here and there. This is where I thank the makers of my fine Chrysler Aspen for their thoughtfulness in putting in the accelerate/decelerate button. Yep that is right; with just a push of my thumb I can speed my car up or slow my car down.

On the right side of my steering wheel is a button where if I push it on the top my speed “accelerates” and if I push it on the bottom my speed “decelerates”. While this isn’t the best way to drive as the button doesn’t change at Ninja speed and I think Chrysler designed it for slight adjustments to your cruise control speed, it worked for this tired girl on her Friday commute. I was able to finish the toll road portion of my drive home with just using my right resourceful is that!?

If I had some duct tape, I could fix that.

I might suggest staying of the toll roads on Fridays at around 5pm as this is when I am the most tired and therefore the most likely to engage in “thumb driving”. Hehehehe.

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Mel said...

You know, all cars that I know of that have cruise control have that little accelerate/decelerate button. It's cute how excited you are about it though.

The toll road. People drive so slow on it because it is riddled with cops who like to ticket. Hey, didn't you get YOUR ticket there? :p