Monday, March 10, 2008

One Time For Everyone!!

Ok, so in honor of it being the first Monday of Daylight Saving Time my friend Josh and I have come up with a brilliant idea!! Being that we technically had to get up early by an extra hour we were EXHAUSTED! Coffee didn’t help and it was determined that we HATE switching times!!

It would be fairly reasonable to say that the VAST majority of the United States would like to pick a time and stick with it; in fact some smart states resist this movement of switching times (shout out to Arizona and Hawaii). Now I personally prefer Daylight Saving Time but I would take either time if we could just commit to one!! I am not knocking Benjamin Franklin, he was a brilliant man, think bifocals, lightening rod and the flexible urinary catheter (hey don’t knock it…many people would be hating life if he didn’t invent it), plus he is on my favorite bill! But come on B.F.,…Daylight Saving Time…not one of your best ideas. There have been studies that show Daylight Saving Time saves the states money but for every study that says it saves us money there is one to contradict it. Blah, blah, blah!!

Through our half sleep daylight saving coma this was the plan that was hatched!! (And by the way don’t try and steal it…this blog post is proof that the idea is mine and Josh’s). We are going to take our idea of keeping just one time to the current Presidential candidates and sell it to them! We will position it as we have the one idea that will win them the Presidency! We think that no matter who takes this idea of “one time for all” and makes it the foundation of their campaign they will win!! It doesn’t matter if they are black, white, old, young, male, female, smoker or non-smoker...this is the wining idea and we are going to sell it!! It is time for American to stand up and fight for one time, we are so sleepy. Hehehe. Hey…everyone has to make their Benjamin’s some way and this is the way we are going to make ours!

So Happy Daylight Saving Time (I am celebrating by barbequing steak tonight)!! Get outside and enjoy your long summer evenings!!

Oh and P.S. John, Hillary or Barack if you are interested you know where to find me…just leave a comment on my blog!

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Mel said...

Wow! You and Josh clearly have a lot of extra time on your hands.
You are both very passionate about this one time thing. But without daylight savings time, how would we ever be able to celebrate the little when we "fall back" and gain an extra hour. That is the best feeling when you realize you can actually have an extra hour of sleep - that is...if your kids let you. :P