Monday, May 5, 2008

New Neighbors and Shinny Cupcakes (Cupcake Repertoire Expansion Attempt #3)

A little over a month ago I was out shopping with my friend Melissa and enjoying a nutritious lunch at IHOP, ok so I don't think that it would really qualify as nutritious but it was yummy, (we were originally supposed to go to Souplantation but veered of course some how) and I received a call from Danny. The house immediately next door to us has been vacant for awhile now, our neighbor Dave ran off to Washington to join the FBI...go figure. I mean who does he think he is to leave us without neighbors and take Aspen's bestfriend Joe away? According to Danny, after a period of what seemed like nobody looking at the house, there was two prospective buyers on this saturday. One of the buyers he was not fond of at all and the other he was very excited about. The ones that he was fond of were a young couple, Mike and Kasey and their two perfect is that? Mike even works for a company where Danny is familiar with everyone that he works with.

Once I got home I must admit I was just as excited as Danny, it would be great to have some cool people living right next door, plus we don't really have any neighbors our age. We left them to look at their house...we didn't want to overdue it after all. After a little while we were back outside to take the dogs out and Mike told us they were putting the offer together as we spoke...YAY!! New neighbors that seem so cool. So anyways the new neighbors are Mike and Kasey, I will introduce them to my blog later, I like to release my craziness in small doses, I didn't want to snap a picture of them the first day we met. That would have been too much, right?

Last Saturday was moving day for the new neighbors, I knew this about two weeks in advance and I was very excited. I planned for the whole time as to what sort of "welcome cupcakes" I would make them. I went through many different options but since I don't know them all that well yet I settled on basic vanilla and chocolate but with a frosting twist...a shiny smooth frosting. So the new frosting on the cupcakes is "Cupcake Repertoire Expansion Attempt #3". The other ideas were yummy ones, I can't tell you what they are because I still plan on making them all some time soon. In this case I thought simple was the best option.

I heard them as soon as they got here...moving trucks aren't quite you know!! I jumped up, clapped my hands as I squealed, "ohhhh the new neighbors are here."...and no I am not 5-years-old, I just like new people, especially new neighbors. They are going to be living right next-door to me after all. If you know the neighbor problems I have had lately (think crazy guy attempting to run over my dogs) then cool neighbors would be a welcome change and you would agree that I deserve them. I ran downstairs to say hello. Danny stayed upstairs to change so he could offer his moving expertise help. I couldn't help move as I was in the middle of doing homework and lets be honest it was really hot that weekend. Hehehehe. I actually had perfect timing because as soon as I finished my homework I went back outside and the move was complete!! So it was off to bake for me.

I did one batch of chocolate and one batch of vanilla. After I let the cupcakes cool for awhile it was time to frost. I melted the frosting and dunked the cupcake in:

After the dunking process I rolled them, just the edges, in my carefully selected rainbow sprinkles:

And the finished product!!

A chocolate cupcake:

A vanilla one:

Lots of cupcakes:

Yay!! I think they came out so cute. I was so excited to give them to the neighbors I could barely wait for them to dry. Once they finally dried I loaded them into a basket and took the over to the neighbors. They seemed to really like them, I hope they tasted yummy too!!

Cupcakes in a basket:

Danny was so thoughtful and wanted to help make some cupcakes. How lucky am I to have such a cute helper!?!? I gave him a couple of cupcakes (I can't trust too many of my cupcakes to others) and let him loose. Here are a couple of samples of his work:

I know what you are thinking...chocolate cupcakes and sour jellybeans. Even Danny admitted it wasn't exactly the best combination, but hey he was super cute for trying.

This cupcake was his favorite, and probably tasted the best:

So anyways I am super excited to have what seems to be some cool new neighbors. Aspen and Gracie even got two new friends in Sasha and Tyler (a cute, petite little boxer and what looks like a Australian shepherd). Welcome to the neighborhood Mike, Kasey, Sasha and Tyler.

And to close this posting a little insight into what makes me, me! The other night Danny and I were looking out the window because we heard something going on outside, I looked over to the new neighbors house and asked Danny, “Do you think the new neighbors like us”?...yes I know I am a needy girl. I just want to be liked. Hehehehehe. All Danny could do was look at me, shake his head and say, "you are so weird..."!


Mel said...

Congrats on the new neighbors. So...snapping pictures when you first meet people is a bad thing? Oops. You just need to practice disguising it. You say... "oh let me take a picture of you and the dogs in front of your new place...welcome home". See, they get a cute picture, and you get a blog posting...sneaky, eh?

Out of curiousity, how does one have "carefully selected rainbow sprinkles"? Did you handpick each individual sprinkle? You ARE a dedicated welcome cupcake person. Let's just call you "Bree".

*Sidenote* Dave just looked over and said "what the he%% is that?" I said "it's Heather's cupcake expansion" I's random". He looks at me and says "you post random stuff too you know. I think you and Heather must understand each other in some weird way." hehe

And in conclusion: OF COURSE they like you. You are the cupcake bearing, two dog owning, welcoming young neighbors :)

Stephen said...

OMG!! I have never EVER heard ANYONE in my life get more excited over cupcakes!!! I'm with Danny you are weird. I was shaking my head and saying that very same thing when reading this. Good Lord!

Seriously though good neighbors are very nice to have.

Mel btw...LOL!!! about the "Did you handpick each individual sprinkle?"

jenny said...

Yum! I want some

Anonymous said...

You make me want to buy in your neighborhood. Those look AWSOME!


Shamelessly Sassy said...

oh, those cupcakes looks lovely.

KLB said...

Oh you are hysterical. I can honestly say I was doing the exact same thing! Not baking cupcakes but secretly praying that our new neighbors would like us! You are a fantastic neighbor and fabulous new friend! YAY! By the way, the cupcakes were delious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXO

Nicole said...

Hey I am still waiting for the recipe to the smores cupcakes!