Sunday, May 4, 2008

My FAVORITE Night of the Week!!

What night might that be you ask? Friday? Nope. Saturday? Nope. You are on the wrong track. While I freakin love the weekends, I mean who doesn't, each week I get giddy on Thursdays because I get to watch Grey's Anatomy. I can't even wait for the DVR to record it, I watch it commercials and all.

This Thursday was extra great because I got to pick Danny up from the airport. He went to Vegas for a couple days, I wasn't able to go because of work and school. It really was great to have him home, I always enjoy my time alone when he first leaves but then I quickly miss him.

Being the nice boyfriend that he is, he sent me this picture of his view:

I sent him this picture of my view:

Which view do you think looks more exciting?

After I picked him up at the airport he was kind enough to agree to dinner at Red Robin, my favorite place...him not so much. I was excited because we hadn't been to the RR in Foothill Ranch yet, I love first visits to places. And trust me I knew this Red Robin was coming months before it actually opened (my whole weird shopping center thing). The food was great, I acturally splurged this time I ordered a cheeseburger!! I don't remember the last time I had a RR cheeseburger, it was probably on my birthday! I also had plenty of french fries, I swear RR has the best fries on the planet. Besides the food our trip to RR was just ok. When the girl brought our food to the table, she looked at the two baskets in her hands, then looked at us and said, "help me out here!"...ummm ok.

Ok, enough about food and Danny on to the really exciting stuff. I can't tell you how bad it is killing me for Meredith and Derek to be apart! I really wish they would just get back together!! I ABSOULTELY loved that they were working together in this episode, I think it was a way for them to work on their relationship that just HAS to be coming in the last couple episodes before summer break!! Summer break is so outdated and I really hope that NBC is actually going to move towards year round TV. If you don't know what I mean by that just think year round school...smaller breaks throughout the entire year and not three entire months off in the summer months. A much better set-up as three months without my favorite TV shows is just way to long.

Even though I didn't get enough Derek/Meredith action it was a great episode. I loved Addison being in town. It was hillarious when she ran into Derek and Meredith in the hall. Hugging Meredith and telling her how great it was that she can hug her after she stole her husband, the look on Meredith's face was PERFECT!! I also loved how she kept saying they were a cute couple and neither Meredith or Derek corrected her...I think it was a sign!! At the end of the episode, after Addison found out that they weren't dating and in fact he was dating Rose, she told Meredith that Meredith letting Derek getting away was killing her. Even she knows that they are meant tobe together. Anyways my favorite moment by far came at the end of the episode. It was when Meredith told Derek that she really enjoyed working with him (even though they lost their first clinical study patient) and as she shook his hand Derek just held her hand looking at it so lovingly. Awwww I thought my heart was going to explode!! Hehehehe, I am fully aware that I am obsessed, there is no need to tell me. I can't wait for next week.

So Red Robin and Grey's all in one night, I would call that a great night!!


Mel said...

So Heather I have to say, "your view" really surprised me. I had you pegged the sit-in-front-of-the-class type of girl. I mean, that's where all the GOOD students sit - of course that is where I sat...front and center. You, however seemed to sit with the slackers and class clowns in the BACK of the class. What is wrong with this picture? I am so confused.

I agree. Derek and Meredith should be together. They have everyone else in upheaval that they need to have one stable couple. Plus, it gets old when they break up and then get back together. Do it a few more times and I'm going to get tired of it and not care at all. I mean, if you can't figure it out after all of that drama then you are not meant to be together.

I liked Addison being back too. I wish they would bring her back on this show. I think her character is so much more fun and fresh on Grey's.

I wouldn't count the little McDream's just yet though Heather. It's T.V., they can't have a happy ending. People don't seem to like that. I do, but most people apparently don't. :(

Anonymous said...

If you really want to know, a good friend of ours (she was at the wedding) is the lawyer for NBC on this show (i think)... just saying... she likes cupcakes :)